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Prehistoria is a savage, untamed land filled with endless adventures, and it’s up to you to decide what to do!
Tame and bond with your very own prehistoric beast and use it to conquer.

This is a multiple closed species ARPG.




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Current Event:
Shadow of Umbru Event

Start: August 19th
End: September 2nd, midnight EST
In order to get the event loot in activities, your entries need to have:


Beast of the Season

A gorgeous, proud looking megaloceros, Thorvin has made himself known through the many activities he’s participated in through the works of Xilveros. In both writing and artwork, he shows to have a big personality that has drawn the attention of many within the group. Xilveros shows their love for Thorvin through these pieces and has helped him shine through the crowd! And we cannot wait to see what else there is in store for this mighty megaloceros!
Congratulations Xilveros!

Current Wild

You can find this Wild during base activities and through active event activities!
More details here:
Prehistoria Wilds