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Prehistoria is a savage, untamed land filled with endless adventures, and it’s up to you to decide what to do!
Tame and bond with your very own prehistoric beast and use it to conquer.

This is a multiple closed species ARPG.




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In order to get the event loot in activities, your entries need to have:


Beast of the Season

This horned boy has made himself known through his adventures around the land. Grayhorn has quickly become a pretty familiar face to others through the love his owner has for him. Full of charisma and curiosity, he’s found himself making many friends along the way throughout Prehistoria, not to mention helping many who he meets. Grayhorn may seem mean or intimidating, but he’s far from it! He’s the kindest worg you’ll ever meet, regardless of those big horns on his head. He’s sweeter than he looks, we promise!
Congratulations SacredScales!

Current Wild

You can find this Wild during base activities and through active event activities!
More details here:
Prehistoria Wilds