Seasonal Adventure: Inside Enlils Forest


Inside Enlils Forest
Seasonal Adventures are a group activity that allows you to participate in unique storylines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beast’s import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of storytelling. You’ll never know what twists might be thrown your way!
This Quest will end June 30th, Midnight EST!


Rewards for full story completion:
– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest,
– 1000-2000 Beads,
– 1-3 Trait Shards,
– 1x Coat Upgrader,
– 1x Coat Downgrader,
– the special Milestone Badge shown up on top of the page.

ItemCoatUpgraderCoat Upgrader:
An item used on unsued genos. It has a chance to turn standard coat colors (Snow, Night, Ochre, Fawn, Earth) into special coat colors (Glacier, Twilight, Dawn, Suntouched, Darkwood).

ItemCoatDowngraderCoat Downgrader:
An item used on unsued genos. It will turn special coat colors (Glacier, Twilight, Dawn, Suntouched, Darkwood) into standard coat colors (Snow, Night, Ochre, Fawn, Earth).

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The story begins here:
Ever since the Valentine’s Event a few weeks back no more strange flower sightings or hints have been dropped. A few beasts swore they saw a walking plant lingering around, watching them from afar, but once they tried to get closer it disappeared.
Shrugging this mysterious occurrence off, Prehistoria returned to more urgent matters – the return of spring. Necessary preparations have to be made and it is clear that many are excited for its comeback after a harsh winter. After all it means an overabundance of flowers, birds and new life.
The Elloulk tribe is especially busy, trying to get their hands on as many rare medical plants as possible. If they want to be able to help Prehistorians all year around they need to stock up their storage again after using a lot of their ointments and herbs these last few months.
Missing some stuff yourself you decided it is time to visit the tribe and trade some items.
Arriving you noticed the two leaders of the tribe, Yonlai and Jeyuk, lively discussing something and pointing towards the forest from time to time. Now curious you are approaching them, asking if there is a problem?
Both turn to you and start to explain their little “issue”. Some time ago a walking plant appeared out of nowhere, asking them for help. It tried to lure in some Prehistorians a while ago but was too afraid in the end to go through with it, leaving weird flowers yet ran away everytime it was approached. But the situation it was in got worse and they are now desperately seeking help. However, the Elloulk tribe has barely time to send someone into the forest to investigate. Maybe you could help instead?
Start Quest:
After being asked to help on behalf of the Elloulk Tribe, you walk over to where the strange creature was said to be hiding, lurking among the bushes and long ferns that bordered the Elloulk Tribe settlement. When you get there, however, you see… Nothing. Enlil’s Heart has always had a strange effect in which it didn’t matter what Season it was on Prehistoria – it always looked green and thriving, not a single brown leaf or bare tree to be found.
Suddenly, a plant walks into view. Their head is down and trying to look as small and meek as possible when they approach you.
“Are you here to help me?”
You realise then that this wasn’t a plant, it was a Lyti! When you explain the Elloulk Tribe asked for you to help them on their behalf, the Lyti nods in understanding.
“My name is Ceryn,” he goes on to say with a timid bow of his head, a slight glimpse of fear and uncertainty in his eyes, “And… Something is wrong with Enlil’s Heart. I don’t know what to do – I need help.”
Depict your beast first meeting the Lyti, Ceryn, somewhere within Enlil’s Heart and being asked to help them or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 1 – Quest 1:
Ceryn takes you further into the Forest explaining that in all his time looking after and protecting the forest, nothing like this has ever happened.
He worries that this might be a bad omen but hopes that you can help him find out what’s happening, as plants that are beloved to Enlil are just… Disappearing. Like they grew legs and walked away.
Depict your beast walking with Ceryn through Enlil’s Heart and reacting to being told plants are potentially getting up and walking, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 2:
You are baffled when you see empty areas where plants once grew in abundance; there are empty patches between grass and moss, with clear indication that something got up and left.
While you and Ceryn try to figure out what has happened, Enlil’s Rabbit Guardian pops out of a burrow hidden beneath some vegetation. It explains that they had seen the strange phenomenon occurring and witnessed where the plants were headed. Giving you the directions where to find these runaway plants, Ceryn and you try to find the runaways.
Depict your beast either talking with the Rabbit Guardian or seeking out the missing plants with Ceryn, or illustrate this part of the story. Since the rabbit has no official design it can be depicted however you want!

Path 2 – Quest 1:
Enlil’s Forest has always been considered a strange yet important forest when it comes to plants and animals that call it home. There are plenty of plants here that cannot be found anywhere else.
Ceryn takes you to another section of the forest that is known to be off-limits to visitors, but Ceryn insists that it is alright so long as he is with you.
When you arrive, you see that the forest has become… weird. Plants have started changing colour, size and shape. Flowers are growing as tall as trees and there are some trees as small as fungi – what is happening here?!
Depict your beast being escorted to an off-limit section of the forest where things have… changed; normal plants look odd and everything has changed size and shape, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 2:
As you follow Ceryn through the forbidden grounds of the forest, you both witness the plants changing and warping before your very eyes! A mushroom grows as tall as a mammoth and a flower with yellow rounded petals suddenly turns into a puffball.
Ceryn suddenly draws your attention away from these changing plants to something else; fallen branches are moving and twisting to form fairy rings. Portals, Ceryn would then explain, and he tried to pass through them with an odd expression on his face that you can’t identify – but nothing happens.
Depict your beast either witnessing plants changing before their very eyes or examining a fairy ring with Ceryn, or illustrate this part of the story.

End Quest:
Despite not being able to help Ceryn out with the problems that have been occurring within Enlil’s Heart, Ceryn thanks you from the bottom of his heart for at least agreeing to help and trying to uncover the mystery that is Enlil’s Heart and these… strange events that have been happening.
Ceryn agrees to help escort you from the forest so that you do not get lost, leading you safely through otherwise more dangerous parts of the forest when he suddenly stops and gasps out loud, his eyes wide and shimmering with awe. “It can’t be,” he gasped and you immediately turn to look at what he was staring at.
There, in the middle of a fork in the road that led to the Elloulk Tribe, is a massive willow tree that stood as tall and proud as a mountain. Its leaves the colour of sapphires beneath a shining sun and adorning its branches were pale white and delicate flowers that seemed to glow. And at the trunk of a willow tree is an opening like a doorway – big enough for something to go into the tree… Or come out of it.
Depict your beast and Ceryn standing in front of the large willow tree with a doorway in the trunk of the tree, or illustrate this part of the story.


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