In this category you will find most of our guides explaining how everything works!


Tracker Guide
You have to create a tracker but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we will show you in the guide linked above!
Harmony Rank Guide
Want to rank up your beast but you don’t know how? Have a look here and find out!
This hub contains all links to every activity we have currently released!
You found out about all the different trials your beast may attempt? Check out the different types and their rules here!
Find out how to breed with your beasts once they reached Rank 2!
You have many items in your stash but don’t know what to do with them? See if you can craft them into something useful!
Your beast is ready for a Lifemate? Have a look at the Lifemates guide to find out more!
Primals and Handlers
Ever thought about creating a handler? Or you simply want more informations on Primals? The guide above will tell you more!
Companions, Traits and Items
Here you can find a list for all companions, traits and items we have in the game!
This guide shows all achievable Milestones – get your items ready!
These extraordinary Wild beasts wander the land and are seeking for a place to call their home. This guide will give you more details about them.