Adoption Center


Welcome to the Adoption Center!
Here, you can adopt new beasts or drop off unwanted imports and genos in exchange for Life Shards and Fragmented Soul Essence.


Adopting a new geno or import:
Every player is allowed to adopt a new geno or import from the Google Spreadsheet linked above. However, there are some rules you have to follow to adopt a new beast!
– Members are only allowed to adopt one (1) geno / import per month of any (not per) species, so be careful when picking!
– Genos / imports bought in the Adoption Center can not be sold for real-life currencies such as $, €, etc.!
– To adopt a geno or import your Deviant Art account needs to be at least 2 weeks old!
– The Lifeshards used for the adoption need to be in your stash!
Adopting a new geno or import as a Newbie:
New players are allowed to get one (1) geno or import of any (not per) species for free, as long as:
– The players’ Deviant Art account is at least 2 weeks old (exceptions can be made and Newbies might get their genos earlier if the Admin Team decides so)
– The new player is member of the Deviant Art group
– The geno / import costs seventeen (17) Lifeshards or less
– They did not get a free tame in the old taming system!
We keep records of all adoptions! We understand that you can forget things, especially when you tamed a beast several months / years ago. However, if we notice someone intentionally trying to scam our system to get multiple free genos, we will not hesitate to take immediate action!


Comment here to adopt your new beast!


Dropping off your geno or import:
You have a geno or import you no longer want? Why not drop it off here, so other players and newbies have a chance to get it?
– Not all genotypes donated might be made available!
– You will get a certain amount of Lifeshards in return, depending on the rarity of your geno / import!
– You can drop off any geno you want, be it from breeding, revealed Abandoned Beasts, or even Semi-Custom purchases.
– Beasts adopted from the Adoption Center or tamed in the old taming system can be dropped off!

Comment here to drop off your unwanted beast(s)!


Removing your geno from the game:
This is only possible with genos, not with Imports!
– Removing your geno from the game will make it unusable, and it can not be brought back in any way!
– Only unused genos belonging to you can be removed
– You will get one (1) Fragmented Soul Essence per removed geno, no matter their rarity!

Comment here to have your geno(s) removed!