NPC Tribes


Our NPC Tribes play a large role in the world of tribes! Not only do they take care of Tribe Trials and Tournaments, they also breath life into the world of Prehistoria!


Basic Information:
There is currently a total of five (5) NPC Tribes: the Amu, Elloulk, Nogon, Rahutu and Tamasun Tribe. Each tribe has their own leaders, place they live in and personality. If you want to find out more about them, have a look at the bottom of the page where you can find a list with links to pages containing the most important details about each tribe. To see where they live, had over to our Places of Interest page. The world map has all places listed.
Keep in mind, all information we give about the tribes is the canon base skeleton so players have a rough idea how the tribes behave, who their leaders are and where they live. This canon skeleton may not be changed, you cannot change a tribe’s leader for example, the area they live in, and so on.
Everything else is up to your imagination! How big is the tribe, what are their prefered species when it comes to beasts, what skin color and human species is most present in the tribe, maybe there are not only humans but anthros present as well?


Interaction with players and tribes:
In general, everyone is welcome to depict their tribe, beasts and handlers interacting with the tribes. There is no boundary how you interact with them as well! Are you simply wishing to trade with them, try to earn their trust or maybe even want to attack them? As we already mentioned above, as long as you stay within our canon skeleton you are free to do whatever you want!
Joining one of the NPC Tribes is not possible, however! Their sole purpose is to create a chance for players and tribes to interact more with the world of Prehistoria.


Below you can find the list with all five (5) NPC Tribes. To get to their details page simply click on their name.