Harmony Rank Guide


Harmony Ranks are how you advance your beast while earning great rewards! The system within Prehistoria is a bit different from most systems though, but don’t worry! All necessary informations can be found on this page.


Harmony Points
Like most ARPG’s, Prehistoria has a ranking system in place. Our system is beast centered, which basically just means that players can earn points for each of their individual beasts. Players themselves do not earn points or have ranks.
Here are our naming conventions, which will be used throughout this page:
– “Harmony Prompts / Themes”: They are little snippets of texts or single words players have to use for their images with which they earn Harmony Points. The current list of available Prompts and Themes can be found further down this page.
– “Harmony Points”: The points players can earn for their beasts. In short also called “HP”.
– “Harmony Ranks”: This name will either be used as a synonym for our whole ranking system or to refer to the different ranks.
To make things more easier for our player base we decided to implement a 10 point basis. So for each Harmony Prompt / Theme you draw or write your beast will earn 10 Harmony Points.
In general only official Harmony Prompts and Themes will give your beast 10 HP. However, there are some exceptions to the rule and it can happen that certain activities during Events may give 10 HP as well. If they do it will be clearly mentioned so it cannot be overseen.
Activities such as Hunting, Foraging, Expeditions, Monthly Quests and Boss Battle do not count to your beasts’ HP. Seasonal Adventures are the only exception and each Quest Part will count for HP.
More detailed information about activities can be found on our Activities page.
Required form in your entries’ description:
Prompt / Theme:
Basic rules / requirements:
– Up to three (3) beasts allowed.
– More beasts may be present under the guise of lore / story purposes. However, the description must clearly state which three (3) beasts are receiving the HP.
– You may only use one (1) prompt or theme per entry.
– Each prompt and theme may only be used once (1ce) per beast.
– Beasts must be focusing on the prompt / theme.
– Entries must be submitted to the “Harmony Prompts” gallery folder on Deviant Art.
– The entry may not be used for anything else besides Harmony Prompts / Themes (you cannot have it rolled as discovery activity for example).
– Once it was used for a rank up you may no longer change something in your entry.
– Harmony Prompts featuring Dreknar have a limit of two (2) entries per day. Without him there is no official limit, but be aware that there is a global limit on deviantArt’s side of 10 entries per day!
– Event Prompts and Themes only give additional loot during the time the corresponding event is active! Outside of the event you will only gain HP. Please add an Activity Tracker to your entry so an Admin knows where to post your loot!
Rules / requirements specifically for art:
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally.
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– Special Case Megaloceros: Males of this species loose their antlers during winter season! If your entry is depicted during winter season it is totally fine to leave the antlers away without them counting towards the 70% range.
– Visual works must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, or an equal dimension (exp: 400 x 600).
– Must have at least a complex background (Image complexity).
– Must be colored. Shading is optional.
Rules / requirements specifically for literature:
– Must be at least 1200 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout (every 100-200 words).
– If collaborating, each person must write at least 700 words each.

Harmony Prompts and Themes


Ranking Up
As mentioned above already, there are different ranks to be reached. Each of them requires a certain amount of HP and offers all kinds of rewards. The higher the rank the better the reward of course!
All ranks as well as rules for ranking up can be found in this section.
Rules / requirements:
– You can only rise up one (1) rank at a time.
– There must be 24 hours between each rank up for the same beast.
– The HP Tracker must follow our tracker rules: Tracker-Guide
– Rank 0
– The rank every beast starts with
– Rank 1
– Requires: 20 HP
– Reward: 200 Beads
– Rank 2
– Requires: 40 HP
– Reward: Unlock Breeding (more information on slots and more can be found in our Breeding Guide)
– Rank 3
– Requires: 60 HP
– Reward: Legendary Resilience Trait: Your beast gains an additional chance to return with rarer items
– Rank 4
– Requires: 90 HP
– Reward: 1x Wiggling Burlap Sack
– Rank 5
– Requires: 120 HP
– Reward: 1x Slot to a Primal of your choosing (A list of all available Primals can be found here)
– Rank 6
– Requires: 150 HP
– Reward: 5x Stones of Arwii OR 2x Ancient Life Rune (please specify in your comment which ones you want)
– Rank 7
– Requires: 190 HP
– Reward: 1x Tack OR Companion OR Import BG of your choosing from the Merchant’s Hut
– Rank 8
– Requires: 240 HP
– Reward: 1x Abandoned Beast of your choosing (must be a released species, Ancients excluded)
– Rank 9
– Requires: 300 HP
– Reward: Natural Selection Trait: You have a chance to roll a physical mutation in any breeding.
– Rank 10
– Requires: 400 HP
– Reward: Unlocks Masteries. This rank is currently not reachable, as Masteries are still a work in progress!