ARPG Dictionary



ARPG Global Terms:
ARPG (Art Role Play Game):
ARPGs are RPG games combined with all types of art (drawing, writing, etc) focusing on the groups’ own species.
Breeding Permission:
When you manage to get a slot from another player, a permission will be written and the link to it given to you. When submitting your breeding, add the permissions’ link as proof for you owning this slot and being able to use it.
Be careful to respect the owner’s wishes in the permission!
Full / Split:
A full breeding is when the entire litter belongs to only one player.
A Split is a breeding between two players. Once the litter was rolled it will be discussed and decided who gets which babies.
Geno / Pheno:
A genotype, or geno, is the string of letters you get in your beasts proof. These represent the markings and colors that your beast has inherited (Example: Pa = Pangare). Genotypes were used by our breeding rollers to generate litters more easily, but don’t worry about having to memorize what each set of letters stand for! The Phenotype, or pheno, can normally be found right under the genotype and writes out what color and markings your beast has. These are what you can go by to design your beast.
Since June 2021 genos no longer have genotypes and will only show a phenotype.
Genotype: ss/ee/ff/nn/Oo/Pa/Sr/St
Phenotype: Ochre with Pangare, Streak, and Stripe
A genotype having more markings compared to “normal” beasts.
In Prehistoria beasts with 6 or more markings are considered genobombs.
Handlers are companions for your beasts. It always depends on the group what species your handler can be, most of the time they have to be bipedal though!
In Prehistoria they are not mandatory. For more information, have a look here: Primals and Handlers
Import / Uploads:
An import is some sort of an “identity card”. It’s the official design of a beast who had been approved by the group and got an official number, name, personality, etc.  Many important details like companions, traits or ranks can be found in the description / comment section of it. Normally, they can be traded and / or sold to other players if the current owner wishes to do so.
POTL (Pick Of The Litter):
A term used in Split breedings when one of the players has the first pick choosing from the litter.
RNG (Random Number Generator):
RNG makes it possible to calculate the result of all actions supposed to have “probabilities” to succeed. In other words, it is the only programming method to insert a “chance” in games.
It is used for reveals, raffles and many more things having random results. Those results are normally rolled with sites like
Rolls / Activity roll / AR:
One of the main activities in many ARPGs. In these pictures, your beast must be drawn / written doing a special activity (like hunting) in order to be rolled for items.
Activity rolls can be used as payment too.
Normally, when talking about “rolls”, one roll equals one beast rolled for loot. So 3 rolls would equal three beasts rolled for loot and so on.
Which means one activity image can consist of 3 to 4 rolls (depending on the group and which bonuses the beasts have of course).
Some players refer to the whole activity image as one roll though, no matter how many beasts are in it, so be careful!
Always ask beforehand which way your trading partner prefers when making deals!
Semi Custom:
Semi customs are ARPG beasts that are bought, most of time with real-life currencies such as $ or €, from special events or sales. They do have restrictions for the amount of markings, their rarity, body build, etc. However, the player is still rather free to design their new beast however they want!
In Prehistoria, Semi Customs are generally sold during Species Releases, Bead Sales or our anual Sale.
Once your beast becomes breedable, it unlocks breeding slots, giving them the opportunity to breed a certain amount of time.
Slots can be used by the beast’s owner, but can be sold / traded with other players as well.
When your beast is uploaded, it’s mandatory for you to create a tracker for it. A tracker is something in which you will keep track of HP, Breeding slots, trials, etc… In short, everything related to your beast’s growth as a character.
It can be a Deviant Art journal, a deviation, a website or a Google Spreadsheet.
For a more detailed explanation of trackers needed in Prehistoria, check this page: Tracker Guide
Traits are applied to you beast and give special bonuses. These bonuses can basically be anything (give you advantages in breedings, bring back special loot in activities, etc).
For more information about traits available in Prehistoria, have a look here: Traits


Terms used in Prehistoria-ARPG:
Arwii’s Trials:
Arwii’s Trials are not mandatory in order for your beast to be able to breed!
The Trials consist of three parts and once finished your beast will get a special trait.
To read more about them have a look at this page: Arwii Trials
The main ingame currency we use in Prehistoria.
You can get Beads through activities, selling items or trading with other players.
A term you will mostly find on our Discord Server. Bean is a different word used for beast.
Another term used to refer to your character.
Used for a large amount of redeem / reveal comments in the stash section.
Breeding Stones:
We have two types of breeding stones: Stones of Arwii and Ancient Life Runes.
Stones of Arwii are used for Saber, Dire Worg and Terror Bird breedings to add one additional baby to the litter (litter size for these species will increase to 2-5 cubs / pups / chicks instead of the usual 1-4 cubs / pups / chicks)
Ancient Life Runes are used for Equus, Ursus and Megaloceros breedings to add one additional baby to the litter (litter size for Equus and Megaloceros will increase from one foal / calf to two foals / calves, littler size for Ursus will increase from 1-2 cubs to 2-3 cubs)
Just like Tack Companions can be applied to your beast so it has certain bonuses affecting for example activities, breeding and other areas.
Spotted Hyaenodon – Gives an extra chance to bring back rare items while hunting.
Moonblessed Equus Foal – Increases the chance of traits passing on the beast it’s applied to.
It is possible to purchase them from the Merchant Hut, get them through ranking up your beast(s), through Milestones, trading with other players or activities.
Special companions like Cloverbite or Jynx the Sweet Pea can only be obtained through Seasonal Adventures, Overflowing Treasure Chests or special Milestones.
A complete list of all our companions and how to obtain them: Companions
Items being found during activities can be used for crafting other, more useful items.
For more information follow this link to our Crafting Guide: Crafting
Cycling Hub:
This is the heart of the group and where a lot of things are happening (ike approving designs, adding items to your bank, selling or transfering items, ranking up your beasts, etc…).
The comments used in our Cycling Hub are renewed every three months (each season) to keep everything settled up.
HP / Harmony Prompts and Themes:
Compared to most ARPGs Prehistoria has a different ranking system.
We are using Harmony Prompts and Themes to rank our beasts up. Each Prompt and Theme gives you 10HP and once a certain amount is reached your beast can achieve the next rank. Activities, sketches and anything else that doesn’t reach the HP-requirements will not count for HP.
More informations on our ranking system: Harmony Rank Guide
Our Themes and Prompts: Harmony Prompts and Themes
This is an optional feature with which your beast can pick another beast for a special breeding bonus. Choose wisely though, because the bond is difficult to get rid of. There can be female / female, male / male lifemates or lifemates between different species (for example Saber / Worg, etc). While same-sex lifemates can produce litters together with the right items (Rainbow Rose, Golden Charm of Bending) used in a breeding, different species lifemates cannot produce litters together. It is not possible to become lifemates with a primal!
For further informations go to this page: Lifemates
Long Forgotten Coin:
Long Forgotten Coins are the second main currency in Prehistoria. They are rare and can be used for the purchase of very special items such as Crude Clay Statues, Lovingly Carved Doniis and more.
The only way to get them is through activities, trading with other players or if your beast was chosen to be Beast of the Month.
A Lyti, or an anomaly, is a special type of beast that has markings or physical traits that can not usually be passed down save for what is in its original genotype. These beasts have one or more characteristics that are an enigma to its genotype and the world. They are entirely unique and their designs can not be legally replicated.
To find out more about them have a look here: Lyti
Milestones are similar to achievements. In order to achive one of them with your beast(s) you will have to gather all items needed for the Milestone you want to claim.
Once you have those you go to the Rank and Progression Cycling and redeem it for your reward and a special milestone badge for your beast (will be shown under your beasts’ import)
List of all Milestones: Milestones
Primals are beasts belonging to the group and not to players. Their import shows a special Primal badge and they have unlimited slots you can get through ranking up, special items or during sales. They also have special Primal traits which can be inherited.
While Primals will never be for sale or trade, players can use them in activities to gain the profit of their special traits.
More details on our Primals: Primals
Spirit Trials:
Like Arwii’s Trials the Spirit Trials give a special trait once completed.
There are several things different though: Each Trial consists of five (5) parts, the trait you get depends on the trial you chose and are beneficial for activities, not for breeding.
To see all details please have a look here: Spirit Trials
The (cave) stash is basically nothing more than a bank used for showing your stashed items and Beads.
Your stash will be created once you made your first request under a stash related comment.
Tack are items you can apply to your beast so it has certain bonuses.
Hand Woven Net: Increases the chance to bring back rare items while fishing.
Warm Bindings: Increases the chance to bring back rare items while discovering.
You can purchase them from our Merchants Hut, get them through ranking up your beasts, through Milestones, trading with other players or activities.
Titles are something you can only get through Milestones at the moment.
The title you got as reward will be added to your stash and you can add it to any beast you want.
Dughall W129, The Royal Challenger
Shula 613, The Honored
Sorlak S848, The Crafty
Das’ovan D330, Bull of the Sea
A list with all our current titles can be found on our Milestone page: Milestones
Wilds are beasts who roam the lands of Prehistoria, not having an owner yet. You can find them during activities, the better the quality the higher the chance to meet one. Once you met a Wild the result will automatically be rolled. If you were successful with your attempt the Wild will be yours!
To find out more about them or see previous Wilds follow this link: Wilds