Tribe Rank Guide


Through trial and community, we learn how to work as a team. The more time we invest in each other, the stronger we become as a whole. Unity Ranks are how Tribes advance throughout the game. All necessary information about them can be found on this page.


Unity Points
The Unity Ranking system works similar to the group’s Harmony Ranking system and relies on a 10 point system for simplicity as well. These points are called Unity Points or UP for short. There are some differences to our Harmony Ranking system however, so read the following rules carefully!
Basic rules / requirements:
– At least two (2) beasts of the same tribe must be present.
– Beasts from other tribes may be added. The piece can count towards the other tribes UP as well as long as all rules are followed.
– No more than two (2) tribes can receive UP through one (1) UP entry.
– Beasts must be focusing on the prompt / theme.
– Entries must be submitted to the “Unity Prompts” gallery folder on Deviant Art.
– The entry may not be used for anything else besides Unity Prompts / Themes (you cannot have it rolled as discovery activity for example).
– Prompts and Themes can be done multiple times within a tribe:
– It is allowed to have a certain beast appear in them more than once.
– A tribe member can post each prompt / theme only once, so if you redo them another member has to post it.
– Event Prompts and Themes only give additional loot during the time the corresponding event is active! Outside of the event you will only gain HP. Please add an Activity Tracker to your entry so an Admin knows where to post your loot!
Rules / requirements specifically for art:
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally.
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– Special Case Megaloceros: Males of this species loose their antlers during winter season! If your entry is depicted during winter season it is totally fine to leave the antlers away without them counting towards the 70% range.
– Visual works must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, or an equal dimension (exp: 400 x 600).
– Must have at least a complex background (Image complexity).
– Must be colored. Shading is optional.
Rules / requirements specifically for literature:
– Must be at least 1200 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout (every 100-200 words).
– If collaborating, each person must write at least 700 words each.

Unity Prompts and Themes


Ranking Up
Gathering UP will allow tribes to move up in our Unity Ranking system and gain various benefits such as Ambers, bonuses for activities and much more. You can find all our ranks and the rewards for reaching them after our rules for ranking up.
Rules / requirements:
– You can only rise up one (1) rank at a time.
– There must be two (2) weeks between each rank up.
– The UP Tracker must follow our tracker rules: Tracker-Guide
– Rank 0
– The rank every tribe starts with
– Rank 1
– Requires: 40 UP
– Reward: 1000 Ambers
– Rank 2
– Requires: 80 UP
– Reward: Tribe Paint may now have multiple colors and designs (e.g. for different ranks within the tribe, etc.)
– Rank 3
– Requires: 120 UP
– Reward: 1x Exotic Sturdy Chest
– Rank 4
– Requires: 180 UP
– Reward: Special titles for different ranks within the tribe (e.g. Bjorn, the Lead Hunter; Riva, the Lady of Paints)
– Rank 5
– Requires: 240 UP
– Reward: Small bonus for the tribes specialization or a small general bonus if no specialization present
– Rank 6
– Requires: 300 UP
– Reward: Tribe Paints and Adornments can now cover up to 50% of the beasts
– Rank 7
– Requires: 380 UP
– Reward: Members can now have 4 beasts in the tribe
– Rank 8
– Requires: 480 UP
– Reward: Special Tribe Companion
– Rank 9
– Requires: 600 UP
– Reward: The bonus from rank 5 will be increased
– Rank 10
– Requires: 800 UP
– Reward: The tribe may create their own custom import background and add it to any beast belonging to it. If a beast leaves the tribe the background has to
be removed.