Create your Character


You finally got your first beast but do not know what to do with it story-wise? Or you are unsure what is allowed and what not? Do not look any further and have a look at this page, hopefully it will be able to help you build a story for your new friend!


You have a beast but no idea where to start with it story-wise? Do not fret, there are millions of ways to figure our your beasts’ story! You can start slowly with a name and experimenting by using our Harmony Prompts and Themes or you decide on everything from the get-go by using generators, brainstorming ideas and so on.
We will go into more detail for certain areas such as names, family or interactions with NPCs / Gods and Goddesses further below to hopefully give you some ideas where to start!
But keep in mind, Prehistoria-ARPG is first and foremost a game to play and have fun with. Play it however you want! There is no need to have a story for every beast you own if you do not feel like it, there are plenty of players simply collecting beasts with certain traits which is absolutely fine as well.
There is also no need to have the “perfect” characters right from the start. You don’t like previous ideas? Start anew, experiment with your new friend and find ways to have fun with them.
Your beast can be whatever you want it to be, a hero or a villain, a shapeshifter being able to turn into a human or multiple other forms. It can be perfectly healthy or have a disability. As mentioned above, experiment to figure out what feels right.
However, always be respectful when depicting physical and mental disabilities, traumatic experiences, etc. Having a beast being a walking stereotype, depicting hurtful clichés or even sugarcoat something that would have dire consequences on someones’ psyche is not helping and, most of the time, even hurting somebody.
As we want to be as inclusive and respectful as possible as a group, we will refuse any Harmony / Unity Prompts and Themes or personality descriptions like this from the start!
Another small reminder: while we do allow a lot in regards to showcasing blood and violence (our game plays in prehistoric times after all) we will not allow depictions of sexual violence or acts. Large amounts of blood or gore, heavy violence, murder and nudity need a Mature Content Flag on deviantArt. If they don’t have one we will not allow the image into our gallery!
You can find more rules and / or restrictions on our Rules and Policies page!
Let us start with the most basic attribute every beast needs: a name!
You can brainstorm one yourself or use a generator. Name generators we can recommend are the Fantasy Name Generator (it has a ton of different categories, even a cavemen name option under “Fantasy & Folklore”) or 20000-names.
A general reminder to not give your beast too long names, as these have the tendency to sound too much like titles. Slurs, nsfw, swear words, or hurtful names are not allowed either. Be careful of too technically modern names as well (e.g. something with electricity, phones, etc.).
Other than that you are free to name your beast whatever comes to your mind!
Parents or the family in general can be a significant corner stone in your beasts’ story as well. Before we go into detail how they can play a role, a small reminder: if your beast was tamed and has wild parents, you may ask us to add (or not add for that matter) certain Primals as their mom and dad in the design submission comment!
The lineage of a beast is one thing and mostly important for breeding. However, in your story that is completely up to you. You can use the Primals or official beasts it was bred from as parents or you may give your character completely different ones! Even using our NPCs, Gods and Goddesses as inofficial parents is fine.
Two (2) examples we can name here are Crow Scruff (his official father is the Primal Altivo S02, he was raised by Rohain though) and Vesuvius (which official father is Hujo D282, inofficially it is Hasswei, the God of the Hunt and Sun).
Another big chunk of building your beasts’ character is finding their background story. Where does their family come from? How were they raised? Did they have a peaceful life or was it full of torment?
Again, everything you can think of goes! Neither does it have to follow our official timeline. Maybe in your world the Rainy Skies festivies do not exist or one of our gods returned completely different than described by us. It is completely fine to add happendings to the timeline as well, be it a large forest fire or tribes fighting each other. You are free to change the history how you need it for your beast.
It is always a possibility to give your beast a friend as well. This could be another beast or maybe a handler? These are entirely optional though, for more information you can check out our Primals and Handlers guide.
Interacting with official NPCs, Gods and Goddesses and / or tribes to give your story a bit more depth and life is a-okay as well. It can range from friendly exchanges in form of trades or visits to rivalry and even war. There are only two (2) limits when it comes to having a relationship with them: you cannot kill them nor be lovers or lifemates.
Neither do official Prehistoria-ARPG characters have to have the personality we gave them. You want the Rahutu Tribe to be unfriendly pirates that plunder any village they see? Go for it!
Being the son or daughter of a god must mean they have a cool superpower, does it not? Well, that depends entirely on you! However, not only the children of gods can be powerful, every beast deserves the chance to have a unique ability, do they not? This can be something as simple as being able to speak with other species, being able to turn into different shapes or having the ability to control the flora around you.
Another big part in your beasts’ story can be revolving around gender identity. While your beast must showcase the gender of its official geno on its import, you are free to give them any type of gender identity you want! Maybe it presents as male on the geno and identifies as female like this lady here, Onyx W77.
Alternatively, you can always apply a Fruit of Arwii to the geno to change its official gender to the opposite if you have different plans than those described above!
Of course, this is not restricted to trans-identities. Feel free to apply any LGBTQ+ term to you beast you want, be it gay, lesbian, asexual, aromatic, and the list goes on. We just wanted to get into a bit more detail when it comes to trans-characters, as there is a small restriction from our side when it comes to the official gender!
Last but not least, a small disclaimer: no matter how you decided to from your world and characters, if you chose to stray from our official Lore it will not have any effect on it! Your beast can be as powerful as you want, it will never become an official part of our Gods and Goddesses.
Equally, during official events (such as Quests or seasonal events like the Winter Event) requiring art you must follow our given Lore. Feel free to change it afterwards, but in order to gain HP or loot for example you will have to stay within our world!