Companions, Traits and Items


You finally got your first items but don’t know what they can be used for? Don’t fret! Every item, companion and trait we currently have can be found here!


Most companions are used to boost your activities. However, we do have some that give you nice bonuses in other areas as well! You can find all our companions and their bonuses here:


General rules for companions:
– The default amount of companions every beast can equip are three (3)
– Once a Call of the Wild Trait Stone was applied your beast can have up to five (5) different companions.
– You cannot apply the same companion more than once to a beast. (Example: It is not possible to give your beast a Brown and a Pied Jerboa as both are the same companion despite being different colors!)
– It is allowed to add your companion visually on your beasts’ import if it is equipped!


Trait Stones
Trait Stones are another source to give your beast different bonuses! Normally Trait Stones have to be purchased with Trait Shards. There are a few exceptions though! Two of our current companions are able to find any type of Trait Stones, one trait can be gained through a Seasonal Quest and two more can be found during Events.


General rules for traits:
– The default amount of traits every beast can equip are six (6)
– Traits unlocked through Harmony Ranking do not count towards the maximum amount. Neither do inherited Primal Traits, Lifemate and Handler / Primal Bondings or the Arwii Trials trait.
– You cannot apply the same trait more than once to a beast.


Items can mainly be found through our different activities. While a few of them can be revealed or give your beast small bonuses when applied, the majority can be used for Milestones, Crafting or simply for selling to gain Beads.

Items I

Items II

General rules for equippable items:
– There is no max amount of items your beast can have! You can apply as many items as you want.
– Items falling into the “Activity Item” category on your import: You cannot apply the same item more than once to a beast.
– Items falling into the “Cosmetic Item” category on your import: It is possible to apply these items more often as they influence your imports’ visual appearance. For more informations have a look at out Cosmetic Items Guide.