Player Tribe Guide


Tribes are groups within Prehistoria that are made and led by players themselves. How to create one and further information can be found on this page!


Tribes are a great chance to explore the world of Prehistoria together with other players! Participate in tournaments, complete Tribe Trials, create your own NPCs, it’s all up to you and your imagination. You don’t want to create your own tribe and just join one? That is no problem either. Have a look at the bottom of the page. We have our Tribe Registry linked with all necessary information about registered tribes including which ones are open for newcomers.
Ambers are the currency used to purchase items in the Tribe Shop. They are tribe exclusive and cannot be used to purchase normal items in the Merchant’s Hut for example. Neither can they be traded for Beads.
There are several way to earn them:
– 100 Ambers for each UP entry submitted to the Prehistoria-ARPG gallery on dA
– Tournaments
– Applying a Stone Shovel to one of your regular activities (Hunting, Fishing, Discovery, Foraging)
– Reaching rank one (1) with your tribe
– Selling Tribe Items
– Tribes can be beast only but it is also allowed to have non-Prehistoria species (e.g. humans, anthros, etc).
– It is allowed for tribes to create their own NPCs for story purpose.
– Only official Prehistoria beasts can earn Unity Points for the tribe.
– You can be in as many tribes as they want.
– The default max amount of beasts a player may have in a tribe is three (3). After reaching rank seven (7) the max per player is four (4).
– A beast can only be in one tribe at a time.
– After leaving a tribe, the beast has to wait two (2) weeks before it may join another tribe.
– Bonuses gained through Tribe Trials only apply to beasts that are part of the tribe.


Before a tribe can start earning Unity Points, rank up or compete in Tournaments for example, it needs to be registered. The registering itself is pretty easy, all you need is the following:
– Yourself as the owner
– At least one (1) other player
– A UP-Tracker (Tracker Guide)
Additionally you may grab a spot on our Prehistoria World Map to call your home. This is optional though and if you prefer not to, that is fine as well! It is also possible to claim your sport on the map later on in our Tribe Works Cycling Journal under “Tribe Map”.
Once you have everything needed, head over to our Tribe Works Cycling Journal and submit a comment under “Registry”.
If your tribe already exists but new players joined you have to “register” them using the above thread as well! This way we can keep track of all tribes and their members a lot easier and do not have to check in with the tribe owners all the time when questions like “Are they part of your tribe?” arise.
To see all registered Tribes, their places on the map, if they look for new members and much more, have a look at our Tribe Registry.


Tribe stash and Souterrain
Just like normal players, tribes also have their own stash to store their Ambers for example. All members of a tribe may put any items they own in here or take something out with the owner’s permission.
However, tribe stashes also have a special area called “Souterrain”, which may only be accessed and used by the tribe owner.