Rules and Policies

The Golden Rule: Be respectful of others!
After all, this is just a game. We will not tolerate harassment or bad behavior towards anyone, be it admin or member.
If you have any serious problems with members or an admin, please note CaveSpeaker. Most issues can be solved by apologizing or blocking.

General Policies:
– Keep your images and literature as much PG-13 friendly as possible. Large amounts of blood or gore, heavy violence, murder and nudity need a Mature Content Flag on dA. If they don’t have one we will not allow the image into our gallery!
Sexual acts of any kind are forbidden and will not be allowed into the group!
– While we do encourage everyone to ask questions either on our front page or in our help_me_plz channel in Discord when they do not understand something, there are two things we kindly ask to not ask about:
– details about future plans, features or species
– hints at areas in our Cyclings that weren’t cleared for some time / questions when we will work on them again

Import Policies:
– All imports, resources, designs, items and everything else falling under Prehistoria property are to remain exclusively on Deviant Art and are not permitted to be used on any other site. Any requests will be denied.
The only exception: Trackers on non-deviantArt-sites such as Google Docs, your own Tracker website, etc. You have to link back to the original Import though! Only adding the image with no link to the original is not allowed.
This does not apply to your own art! You can post it wherever you want to show it.
– Keep your import descriptions nice and clean. And by clean, we mean to keep them PG-13. No vulgar or profane things, please. If we catch it, we will ask for it to be changed. If caught on an already uploaded import, the description will be removed entirely. Repeated offenses will come with consequences.
– As with the descriptions above, names must follow the same rules. Vulgarity, profanity, racism, sexism, and the like are prohibited and will result in a warning. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.
– Deceasing your beast is not possible. If you wish to leave or withdraw from the game, it will simply be left as an untouched import. You may utilize the design since it belongs to you, but not the species itself (lines and species-specific details).
– You may not steal or trace another players’ beast design (complete or parts of it). While it is okay to take inspiration from other beasts design and attempting to do something similar, directly tracing the design will not be tolerated!
– Make sure you read and follow all breeding, beast, and import guidelines.

Co-owning beasts is allowed, but we are not responsible for the loss of a beast or its slots to another player through this method of ownership. Only two people may co-own a beast at any time. Please understand that you co-own at your own risk, but we advise you to be careful if you chose to do so.

Leasing Policies:
Leasing your beasts is allowed! However, be sure to follow the rules below to make leasing smooth for all those involved!
– Discuss payments for a lease and who gets what upfront and save it somewhere to have proof of it if necessary!
(E.g: Leasee gets common, uncommon and rare items from activities while the owner of the beast gets all exotic loot that drops)
If the lease goes wrong and you have no proof of what was decided beforehand – we won’t be able to help you!
– Beasts can be leased for activities, events, and quests.
Important: If you lease your beast to be used for quests, be aware your beast can do quests, Monthly as well as Seasonal Adventures, only (This only counts for the beast itself! If the owner of the leased beast hasn’t done the quest yet they can still do it with a different beast!)
– You need to fill out and post a leasing form for your lease to be official!

Post Leasing Permissions here!

Real-life Currency Purchases and Buyers Beware:
– Tames (both from the old and the current system) and Beasts purchased for Beads in any official Prehistoria Sale may not be sold for USD / € or any other real-life currency (including Deviant Art points for example)
– Any other Beast beside those may be sold for real-life currencies.
– Always, always keep a record of the sales, deals, and breedings you make. Whether it be with screenshots, or a journal (Beware: journals are not always reliable since comments can be hidden). If you have a problem with no proof of a deal, then there is nothing that an admin can do to help you or reinforce it.
– Be careful who you make deals with in general. Keep your eyes open for red flags such as brand new accounts, tons of hidden comments, and other sketchy things that don’t seem right. Keep in mind, we are not saying that ALL of these accounts are scammers, but merely trying to prevent people from losing money and resources.
Prehistoria-ARPG is not responsible for any private deal that went wrong! While we will take actions against the other person not keeping up the deal, we will not replace your lost funds!

Prehistoria’s Strike System:
– Strikes are given for repeated or “harder” violations of our rules.
Violations that will earn you a Strike after several warnings: Import names and descriptions not following the rules above, uploading Imports to your personal account multiple times for example.
Violations that will immediatly earn you one Strike: Tracing another players beast designs or art, etc
Violations that will immediatly earn you two Strikes: Scamming other players and not fulfilling your part of the deal (without money being involved!)
Violations that will immediatly earn you three Strikes: Scamming other players and taking their money, not fulfilling your part of the deal
– One Strike will not have any consequences yet.
– Two Strikes will give you a two week timeout after which you may return. You will keep the Strikes!
– Three Strikes will give you a lifelong ban from the group. This ban includes side-accounts!

And Lastly:
All rules and other aspects of the game are subject to change at any time. Prehistoria is not responsible for any losses due to other players. We are also not responsible for, and will not refund purchases made to the site or group.