Submit Breeding:
Use this thread to submit a breeding between two beasts.
Keep in Mind When Submitting Your Comments:
– Your beast must be a confirmed Harmony Rank 2 to breed.
– Beasts must be of the same species to breed.
– Make sure that you have all items in your stash and permissions written out before you submit!
– Always add your proof directly to the comment. You will be asked to resubmit if this is missing, even if it is posted in your stash!
– Inbreeding will result in dire consequences for the cubs. Defects and stillborn cubs are the most common results.
– There are no chances for empty litters from unrelated parents. You will always have at least one baby.
– You may only post two (2) breedings max per month and can only participate in four (4). A new month always starts on the 1st.
– Please handle cub distribution like civil cavemen.

Only post under this comment when something was wrong with your breeding request and an admin sent you here!

Breeding Permissions:
When posting breeding permissions, be sure to list if the slot is a full, split, etc.

Leasing Permissions:
If you want to lease a beast of yours to another player please fill out the form provided in the comment linked above.