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Welcome to Prehistoria-ARPG!
The links below will lead you to pages having all basic informations about Prehistoria and its world!


General Rules and Policies

On this page, you can find all our general rules and policies regarding behaviour, Sales and similar. Read them well!


Gameplay Rules

This set of rules focus more on what is allowed gameplay wise rather than general rules like above!


World of Prehistoria

Find all our Lore, Species Informations and details about our world here!


ARPG Dictionary

Completely new to ARPGs? No problem! This dictionary will explain the most important terms used in Prehistoria and other groups!


Suggestion Box

In our Suggestion Box, you can suggest new things we might use in the future or complain about something you noticed!


Patch Notes

This page will have all patches we made so far, including the links to the bigger patch notes so far!