New Player Guide

Welcome to Prehistoria!
This journal should help new players jump right into the world and start playing with their own beast! Here are the steps that you should take if this is your first time here.

New to ARPGs in general?
Worry not, here’s a small explanation:
ARPGs (Art Role Play Games) are roleplay games centered around art. It can be drawing, writing, etc… Basically, everything artistic!
In these, you collect specific closed species, rank them up, breed them, send them in activities to collect items, and much more!
ARPGs also come with some peculiar vocabulary and terms. Here’s a dictionary for you to help you get started: ARPG Dictionary

Now, let’s jump into the Prehistoria adventure:
1. Read the group Rules and Policies!
2. Join the group (if you haven’t already), as only members can own and play with beasts.
3. Get a creature! This can be done by buying one from another player, breeding, or by adopting one from our Adoption Center.
As a new player, we recommend the free option of adopting a free newbie genos if any are available! The Adoption Center can be found on our Deviant Art group home page by clicking the “Adoption Center” button or here: Adopt a Baby!
4. After you have acquired your creature, you must now design it! This guide will show you everything you need to know: SOS – Design Help Guide
This will require you to have a .psd compatible art program that supports layers. If you do not have a program to design your beast with, the community would be pleased to help you! You can put an advertisement in the group and / or on our Discord channel.
5. After you have your design complete, the approval process begins. To submit your design to the group for approval, you must first upload it to your on Deviant Art. Correctly fill out the import information form (found in the Design Hub on Deviant Art or here).
Navigate to our Design Cycling (on Deviant Art: button on our groups’ home page; on the website: found under “Cycling Hub”). Find the correct thread for your beasts’ species, fill out the required form of the comments, and wait for our admins to check over your design to make sure it fits the group’s design rules. If it passes, it will be accepted and uploaded by CaveSpeaker.
Important: Imports are not to be uploaded to personal accounts!
You are somewhere between step 3. and 6. and already want to start, despite your beast not beeing uploaded yet? While you may not be able to do Harmony Prompts / Themes or Trials just yet, you are more than welcome to choose one or more of our Primals or NPCs to draw activities, quests, etc. Just don’t forget to create a Tracker for them so the Admins can comment somewhere with your loot!
6. After you have your creature officially uploaded, it’s up to you to decide what to do!
– You can start drawing Harmony Prompts so your beast gains points and ranks up: Prehistoria Harmony Rank Guide
– Send them in activities: Activities
– Breed them: Breeding Guide
– You can choose a god or goddess to follow and complete their trials to gain their blessing: Trials and Blessings
– Create different types of trackers to keep track of your progress: Tracker Guide
And much more!
You can join several other players, too, on our discord to discuss your beasts! Our Discord can be found here.

A few things to note:
– We will not take your beast away from you if you aren’t active.
– Beasts can not be deceased or deleted, even if you leave. They will always be here waiting for your return!
– You can use the character as your OC if you’d like, but remember that it must stay on Deviant Art. See Rules and Policies for clarification.
– You may not upload the import anywhere else other than your own If you use it for items, it must be greyed out with the copyrights still intact.
– If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We’re constantly adding things to the group, so any answers to questions asked could be added to the guide for others to see. We also have a live Discord help chat that you may use. We only ask that you try to find the answers before asking!

Cycling Hub:
The Cycling journals are the core of the group itself, where a lot of the gameplay is happening.
Cycling journals are set on the Deviant Art groups’ profile page in the form of big buttons:

And on the website under “Cycling Hub”:

Cyclings last three months (one season) before they are closed for cleaning, and then new ones are made.
Within Prehistoria, 5 types of Cycling journal exists:
Design: Here, designs are going to be approved or sent to corrections. It’s also where you can post your beasts import for updates. Cosmetic approvals (for example, a new background or adornments), import changes (a new name for your beast or a new / edited personality) and Owner Transfers.
Breeding: Here, everything Breeding related happens. You can submit your breeding between two beasts, correct the breeding if something was wrong and give breeding / leasing permissions.
Harmony Ranks: Here is everything Ranking related happening. You can submit your beast for rank up, claim ranking rewards, and complete Milestones. Trials of any kind can be posted to get their bonus.
Stash: This Cycling journal is the biggest and most important of the game. In here, you can sell / redeem / transfer items you got in activities. You can also alter not yet designed genotypes, apply non-cosmetic items (like tack, companions, or traits), and mention mistakes you found in your stash.
Crafting: As the name implies, here you can craft items you found during activities into new, more valuable items.

Here you will find frequently asked questions from our players!
Q: I don’t know what [insert any ARPG term] means, what is it?
A: If you don’t know certain ARPG terms, be it terms used in all / most ARPGs or Prehistoria specific terms have a look here: ARPG Dictionary
Q: How does beast adoption work?
A: Beast adoption is a free option that we provide so anyone can start playing the game! You may choose any genotype that costs 17 Lifeshards or less, but you may only do this for free ONCE.
Q: Can my Harmony Prompt / Theme count for multiple ones or any other activities?
A: No. Your Harmony Prompt must only count for ONE prompt or theme. They can not be used in any other part of the group either.
Q: Can my beast be shown with other species?
A: Yes, they may! However, please be courteous to our group. We will not allow images that show our beasts being hunted / attacked / etc. in order to get loot for other ARPG species, to be counted for anything in our group. In other words, our beasts are not huntable prey for you to get loot in other ARPGs.
Q: Do I need to tell someone to make my cave stash (bank)?
A: No! Once you complete any action that requires a bank, one will be made for you! These actions could be anything from purchasing or stashing an item, winning a raffle, etc.
Q: Am I allowed to collab on Harmony Prompts and other important images / literature?
A: Of course! You are free to collab, but be sure each person does a fair amount of work!
Q: Do I need a handler for my beast(s)?
A: No! Handlers are completely optional, so you don’t need one. However, if you are interested in giving your beast a handler have a look at our guide: Prehistoria Handler Guide