Rahutu Trading Post



“Have a look around and see if you can find anything, we offer a wide variety of items and change them regularly. So if you don’t find anything of interest for you come back in a few weeks when we have our new wares!”



By the time they reached the mainlands, the Rahutu Clan hadn’t lost any of their members. But the journey and the many storms they had to face had damaged some of their ships to the point of losing some of their vital supplies.
While settling in, a few scouts were sent out on a reconnaissance trip. But the place where they had settled didn’t have the kind of wood needed to repair their ships. And the animals that lived there didn’t have a thick enough leather to make new sails.
They soon found a solution to their problem, however.
Attracted by their settlement, many Prehistorians arrived in numbers. Their curiosity was tickled by these strangers and the new things they had brought with them. It didn’t take long for one of them to show up, interested in some of their goods. In exchange, he offered them some wood that he had cut north of Prehistoria and some leather taken from a woolly rhinoceros.
The trade took place. Then another from another person. And another…
With these trades, the Rahutu Clan prospered and grew in size. To make the trades between the clan and the natives easier, a Trading Post was created in each island where they settled.
If you are traveling and entering a new island, look for a Rahutu settlement and you will also find a Trading Post nearby.
Many members of the Rahutu Clan can be found in these Trading Posts. But the most memorable are the Captain and his Saberess, Abyss. As secretive and mysterious as their clan, they are however very friendly and very open to offers.
Be careful not to abuse them with poor quality items or ridiculous offers however! Both the Captain and his feline companion know how to recognize deception and the quality of the goods.


To trade for any of the following items simply head over to our Stash Cycling and click on “Purchase Items” in the Stash category!
– the items will change every month
– everything from the available items to the type and amount of items needed to purchase it are rolled randomly, so it can change from month to month even if it happens that an item appears multiple times in a row!
– you may purchase one item of each per day in the Regular Items category
– you may purchase one item of each per week in the Rare Items category
– the Special Item may be purchased only once per month
– the Event Roulette at the bottom of the Trading Post may be played up to five times a day
Regular Items
Rare Items
Special Items
Event Roulette



Regular Items
In this category you will find one rare and one exotic item for each activity.

Silky Albino Fur:
Buy: 3x Cave Bear Claws

Chimeric Pelt:
Buy: 2x Pristine Lion Fangs

Horseshoe Crab Shell:
Buy: 1x Thalassomedon Skull

Megalodon Carcass:
Buy: 3x Henodus Shell

Jagged Tooth Knife:
Buy: 1x Antler Spear Head

Skyfire Diamond:
Buy: 3x Assorted Feathers

Buy: 1x Mint

Buy: 3x Apple

Golden Coin:
Buy: 3x Turquoise

Buy: 3x Chunk of Obsidian



Rare Items
In this category you will find an assortment of rare and exotic items that are harder to get by like Lovingly Carved Doniis, Sinew Bound Chests, exotic Tack Items and more.

Carrot Cake:
Apply to an activity entry to have the chance to lure in Mr Bunbun.
Buy: 1x Opabinia

Chris’s Entourage:
Gives 1 full slot to any Suntouched Fawn Primal.
Buy: 2x Wooly Rhino Horn

Species Advantage Booster:
Apply to an activity entry to increase the chances to find better loot with your beasts’ species advantage.
Buy: 1x Chimeric Pelt

Hide Wrapped Quiver:
Increases the chances of bringing back rare items while hunting.
Buy: 1x Ancient Metal Rings

Contains 3 random roses. Has a chance to reveal a Rainbow Rose.
Buy: 1x Catnip



Special Items
In this category we will offer you one item that is normally very hard to come by, such as Golden Charms, Witches Brew and similar items.

Golden Charm of Bending:
Used for same-sex breedings. Species must still be the same.
Buy: 3 Long Forgotten Coins
OR 4 Lifeshard
OR 2 Fragmented Soul Essence
OR 1x Megalodon Carcass and 1x Moonsteel Bar



Event Roulette
This part of the Trading Post only opens during events!
In return for one item you may choose one of three mystery items. While the mystery item will always be an item from the current event, the item you give the Trading Post can be anything you want, from the most common activity item to exotic items you no longer need!
But keep in mind: the higher your items’ rarity, the higher the chance to win exotic event items!
Note: When commenting under the “Purchase Items” thread, simply write the item you want to use behind “Total:” and which Mystery Item you want behind “Items Purchasing”.

Mystery Item 1

Mystery Item 2

Mystery Item 3