Tribe Works

Register your own Tribe here!
Before submitting, keep the rules from our Player Tribe Guide in mind!

Ranking Up:
Comment here to rank up your tribe.

Tribe Trials:
Comment here with your Tribe Trials.

Place on Map:
If you did not choose a spot on the map when registering your tribe you can comment here later on picking a spot for your tribe.

Info Change Registry:
This thread exists to change any information of your tribe in our official Tribe Registry.

Close Tribe:
Comment here to close your tribe for good. Should you want to reopen it, head to the registry and register your tribe anew.

Stash & Sell:
Here you can stash and sell items. You may stash normal items such as activity items in here as well, not only tribe related ones!

The souterrain can only be used by the tribe owner! They can move items between the normal tribe stash and the souterrain however they see fit. There is no limit on how much can be stored in it.

Purchase Items:
Purchase items from the Tribe Shop in this thread.

Transfer Items:
In this thread you can transfer items from the tribe stash to another player.

Reveal Items:
Reveal your Sturdy Chests here!

Comsetic Approval:
Use this thread to apply cosmetic items to your beast. This thread is for tribe specific items only!
For more informations on cosmetic items and their rules have a look here: Cosmetic Items