Tribe Works

Tribe Works

This feature is currently being worked on!
Therefore it is not possible to do anything official until further notice.

Register a Tribe:
Register your own Tribe here!
Keep in Mind When Submitting Your Comments:
– Your tribe must have one (1) owner and one (1) Second in Command.
– Before being able to register your tribe you need the following: a Tribe Tracker, an Icon and a Rule Book stating your tribes’ rules!

Change Tribe Status:
Here you change the status of the tribe for new members from open to closed or from closed to open!

Unity Ranks:
This thread is for ranking up your tribe Unity Rank and gain the benefits your tribe has worked hard to achieve!
Keep in Mind When Submitting Your Comments:
– Always double check with the Tribe Unity Guide.
– Be sure that Unity Points and prompts are labeled accurately in your tracker!

Tribe Shop:
Use this thread to purchase items from the Tribe Shop!

Transfer to Winners:
Once your competition ended and you have the winners you can transfer their prizes using this comment.

Tribe Stash Redeems:
If you have items or currencies you want to add to your tribes’ stash comment here.

Ownership Change:
Your tribe changed leaders? Here you can transfer the tribe to the new leader!
Keep in Mind When Submitting Your Comments:
– You have to announce a new Second in Command if the previous one is now the leader!