Black and White Image Guide


Below you can find all the regulations and rules for creating Black and White images for use in Prehistoria! Please make sure that you read carefully as the guidelines are very different from normal colored image guidelines.


To give players the chance to experiment a bit more with their art or give them a chance to have their image count for something even if they had no tool to create colored images at hand we decided to allow Black and White images in Prehistoria-ARPG.
However, Black and White images may only be used for regular activities (Hunting, Fishing, Discovery, Foraging) or for images that would be for the Misc. Art gallery folder anyway. Harmony / Unity Prompts and Themes, Expeditions, Boss Battles, Quests or Event entries have to be colored!
You may use any type of media that can create a black and white image. This includes Digital Programs, Pencils, Ink, Pens, Charcoal, Paints, Watercolor, Markers, Sharpers and more.
Basic rules / requirements:
– Beasts must still show all their markings and be distinguishable from other beasts. The markings should be tonally depicted and easy to see.
– Depicting beasts and people as simple stick figures is not allowed.
– Images must be at least 5×7 inches (13×18 cm) to ensure the quality of the image and have everything easy to see.
– The background has to be a bit more detailed as well. This includes having a few more elements as well as minimal shading.
First example:
Plain, hastily drawn lines with no content or tonal shading will not be accepted:
Second example:
We will be using Vorstag D573 for his simple design to demonstrate this next example:

The image above is only lines. They may be crisp and show good detail, but it lacks shading and tones. The beast cannot be distinguished from any other worg other than by his tail. This image would not be accepted.

This image however, shows a decent amount of background shading and tonal detail. The worg now looks like Vorstag since we can see differentiation in his markings now. This image would pass!