Bloodmoon Lore Event 2021


With this event we want to start a completely new chapter of Lore reworks and invite you to do some Special Event Prompts and Themes and participate in a very special game!


Welcome to our next, and for this year actually our last, Lore Event!
A few weeks ago we celebrated our yearly Shadow of Umbru Event, releasing the first part of our reworked Present Day Lore: Umbru’s return to Prehistoria.
But Umbru was not as welcome as you might think, especially after she managed to get mortals on her side!
I think it’s already pretty clear who the next reworked Lore part will be about. After all this is her festival!
Larkka was certainly not so happy about Umbru’s return and success, but don’t worry, I won’t spoiler anything. Finding out what happened will be your job yet again! Just like last time we have a small game, however, this time we wanted to try something out we never did before: a small roleplay game. How exactly it will work can be read at the bottom of the page, in the Special Game section.
We also have 2 new Special Prompts and Themes for you to draw or write about!


Special HP Prompts and Themes:
Just like in the Shadow of Umbru Event, we have two new Special Prompts and Themes for you to draw:
Prompt 1:
Your beast has made the journey to the grave of someone they knew (could be a loved one or somebody else) to honor them.
Prompt 2:
Your beast accidentaly entered a haunted area. How do they get out of this scary situation?
Theme 1:
Bloody Pawprints
Theme 2:
Spooky Scary Skeletons
As with all Event Special Prompts these (and the old ones on our Harmony Prompt and Themes page of course) will give you event loot next to 10HP for the duration of the Event!
All entries have to be submitted to our Harmony Prompts – Event Harmony Prompts Folder in our dA group to have the loot rolled!


Special Game:
The adventure will always begin with a Start Prompt which you can find at the bottom of this page. The Start Prompts will change weekly and may only be used to send your beast on it’s way during the week it was released (example: you may not use Start Prompt 1 in week 3).
After you started your adventure with the Start Prompt you will get the next prompt you have to choose a path for. Once you replied we will give you one last prompt and as soon as we got your answer as to what path your beast takes this time, we will roll your prize!
Worried you don’t know where your beast may go to? Don’t worry, there will always be three options to choose from which you can find beneath the prompt written in italics. Please use these options as without them the following prompts will potentially make no sense!
As this is a roleplay game, we will only accept answers that have at least a small sentence about the beast choosing its path.
– You may send one beast per week through the labyrinth
– Please link us the beasts’ Import in your first answer
– It is possible to use the same beast for all three weeks
– The games started in week 1 and 2 may be finished any time during the event. However, if you did not finish your adventure within time the prize will be lost!
– Games started in week 3 can be finished until November 21st, Midnight EST, to give everyone enough time to answer properly. If you did not finish your adventure within time though, the prize will be lost!
– Please answer in at least one, fully written out sentence when sending your beast a certain direction and don’t just comment with “Right”, “Left”, “Center”. It is a roleplay game after all!
– Comment here to send your beast towards all kind of dangerou… I mean… to send it into the labyrinth: Comment Link
– Admins, as well as Falbe, may enter as all prizes will be rolled randomly, no matter what path you take
– The special prize inside the animal skulls can only be won once per player during the entire time of the event
Possible Prizes:
– Event Loot
– Customs of various rarities
– Slots to Primals
– Rare and Exotic Items (no regular activity items though, all of them will have a use!)
– Companions
– Animal skulls hiding something very special
Week 1 (CLOSED)
Larkka’s Guardians greet your beast near the entrance of the Boneyard. They challenge your beast to a game – if they can brave the Yard in the middle of the night, there might be wondrous prizes in store for them! But beware – there are many challenges to be found among the bones…
Your beast may go to: the center, the north or the south of the boneyard
Week 2 (CLOSED)
The entrance to the Boneyard is shrouded in a thick fog when your beast dares to venture in. Thus, the sudden arrival of Larkka’s Familiar surprises them a little. It seemed to come out of the middle of nowhere.
The little tarry creature looks at you with its big bright green eyes and seems excited to see you. With joyful clicks it leaps aside, beckoning your beast to follow it.
But the fog is so thick that your beast quickly loses sight of it. After several minutes of scouring the Boneyard for it, they are soon faced with three choices of paths…
Your beast may pick: the middle, the left or the right path
Week 3 (CLOSED)
When you reach the entrance of the Boneyard, all is dark and still. A lone raven perches atop a dead tree. Seeing you/your beast, it takes off into the Boneyard, and you are compelled to follow. The bird flies ahead of you, and you can only make out its dark shape. Suddenly, its silhouette bursts into three shapes! Each shadow flies down a different path. Which way do you go?
Your beast may pick: the middle, the left or the right path