Bonding Trials


Here you can find the different tasks and available paths for the Bonding Trials. The rules and requirements can be found on our Trials page!


Since their creation with the help of the other gods, the soon to be called “mortals” became an inexhaustible source of curiosity for the god Arwii.
Every day was an opportunity for him to observe them. To see how they were doing in this world that he had created with so much passion. He watched their birth, how they learned, experienced joys and sorrows, loved, and had children of their own… A continuous cycle that the god never got tired of.
Nevertheless, Arwii noticed something, after a while: each one stayed with its own species. There was little or no interaction between Prehistorians of different species. And if there were interactions, they were always neutral, negative, and sometimes bloody.
Arwii, who had created these creatures in the image of himself and of the other Gods so different from him, was surprised and a little pained. But he understood. They weren’t deities like them. So in his wisdom, he understood their need to survive and to keep the species alive.
One day, however, Arwii’s eyes fell on a curious duo. It was about two small ones which played together. But oh surprise, they weren’t of the same species. Undoubtedly the curiosity of the youth had pushed them to approach and play together. If they were separated from their parents, Arwii decided to keep an eye on these two. He saw them grow up, and become teenagers and adults, but their friendship had lasted through the years, and they were still very attached to each other despite the hostility of members of their respective species.
Watching other mortals in other places, Arwii noted other unlikely pairings like this. While some friendships didn’t last long, some remained, through the many trials that stood in their way. Stronger than ever.
The God of Life was moved by this. He decided to pay tribute to these beautiful friendships that broke the boundaries of differences.
He called these mortals to himself. There he dug into the earth with his huge claws and placed a lone standing stone on which he asked the Prehistorians to place their hands, paws, and hooves coated with paint. Then he gave them a blessing. Wishing that their beautiful and strong friendship would remain and go on forever.
The Stone of Bonding, decorated with numerous prints from many mortals, became the symbol of Friendship and many creatures of all species made the pilgrimage to receive the blessing of the God Arwii.
But once the gods disappeared, the stone and its symbolism were gradually forgotten with time. But some wanderers who laid their eyes on it during their travels were still attracted to it.
The stone regained its past meaning thanks to Umbru who guided the Explorers Esger, Ura, and their Beasts, Atyae and Thiri to receive the blessing of Bonding.


Handler Path:
Only one option has to be done for each prompt!


Prompt 1:
Option 1 – Approaching the beast
Show your handler getting closer to the beast.
Option 2 – Being lead
Show your beast being lead. Does it behave or does it run off with you?
Option 3 – Brushing / Bath Time
Show your beast getting sparkly clean! Is it a good time or does it go the other way around with a handler becoming more dirty?


Prompt 2:
Option 1 – Riding
Show your handler getting onto the beast’s back, maybe for the first time. Does the handler stay on or must somebody stand ready to catch them?
Option 2 – Agility Course
Show your beast getting through a course of different obstacles. This can be in the nature or a pen.
Option 3 – Healer Check
Healthy beast is happy beast. Show your beast having a check up.


Prompt 3:
Option 1 – Help a tribe getting supplies
A tribe is in need of help. Show your beast pulling a cart with supplies. The supplies can be firewood, food etc. Remember to keep it prehistoric! No Victorian carriages etc.
Option 2 – Show off your beast
Such decorated, very wow. Show your handler showing off their beast in all its glory.
Option 3 – Teamwork
Show your handler with the beast doing one of the following tests to challenge their teamwork:
– Herding (Handler can be riding the beast or watching. The beast must wear a prehistoric halter or collar)
– Tracking down a large animal or someone from the handlers’ tribe (if they have one)
– Hunting a large and dangerous animal

Primal Path:
Only one option has to be done for each prompt!


Prompt 1:
Option 1 – Approaching the Primal
Show your beast meeting a Primal in the wild.
Option 2 – Playing with the Primal
Show your beast and the Primal having a good time. They can play tag for example or any other game.
Option 3 – Bringing a gift
Who doesn’t like gifts? Show your beast bringing something to the Primal.


Prompt 2:
Option 1 – Nap Time
Show your beast relaxing with the Primal.
Option 2 – Help ducklings get to their mom
Some ducklings can’t reach their mom! Show your beast and the Primal working together to bring them back to mommy.
Option 3 – Reach the crown
There is something in this tree that the Primal really wants. Show your beast helping getting it down.


Prompt 3:
Option 1 – Protection from danger
A big animal is approaching. Show your beast protecting or being protected.
Option 2 – Take down large prey together
Show your beast and Primal working together to take down a large prey.
Option 3 – Help removing a log from a creek
A log is blocking the water in the creek. Show your beast and the Primal working together to remove it.