Community Contest – Design our new Primals 2024


After releasing new common markings it is time for some new Primals! Which is the perfect opportunity to host another community contest since the last one was quite some time ago.


Welcome to our new Community Contest!
Just like our last contest from a few years ago, this one will be about designing Primals for the four (4) new common markings we released during our 2023/2024 Advent Calendar.
However, we do not need Primals for all species! We already have quite a lot of them for Sabers, Dire Worgs and Equus. So for these we are going to update 4 already existing ones with the new markings. The species Ursus, Megaloceros, Terror Bird and Whooly Mammoth on the other hand will get up to four (4) shiny new Primals each, all designed by you guys!
Of course, designing a new Primal will yeild a small reward in the form of 2.000 Beads and one (1) Sinew Bound Chest or one (1) Overflowing Treasure Chest. It will be randomly rolled which one it will be in the end. Should your design be picked at the end of the contest you will be rewarded with a slot to your designed Primal!

  • The design may have any base coat color available. Be careful with Misty, as it will count as rare marking!
  • Up to four (4) common, two (2) uncommon and one (1) rare marking may be added.
    • At least one (1), max two (2) of the new common markings (Bald, Bullseye, Highway or Patch) must be used.
  • One (1) Mane or Tail Mutation may be used.
    • If the Silkie or Manul Mane was chosen the beast must have the Silkie or Manul Tail as well!.
    • However, picking the Silkie or Manul Tails does not automatically add the Silkie / Manul Mane.
  • Color and Marking Mutations are not allowed.
  • Each player can submit up to two (2) designs per species.
  • All designs must be uploaded in the players as .png with the correct sizes of 1800px x 1200px. Do not upload any designs on your deviantArt account!
    • The same goes for the .psd file of your design! Please upload it into your and add the link to it in your entry so we can add the Primal background without problems.
  • Each entered design will be rewarded with 2.000 Beads and one (1) Sinew Bound Chest or one (1) Overflowing Treasure Chest. The rewards will be posted as response to the entry and have to be redeemed.
  • All winners will get a slot to their designed Primal(s) as additional reward.
  • The winning designs will be picked by the Admin Team between June 1st and June 8th.
    • Winners will be announced on June 9th.

Species Lines:

Design submissions: