Elloulk Tribe


Here you can find details about the Elloulk Tribe, their leaders and where / how they live. On top of the page you will also find their banner with their primary colors used for paints, etc.




Their leaders:


Name: Jeyuk
Species: Human (Homo Sapiens)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Partner: Unknown male lifemate
Personality: Snarky and no-nonsense type of guy. Takes care of the more political matters and is the leading voice of the two but will always listen to his brother’s input on things.


Name: Yonlai
Species: Human (Homo Sapiens)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Partner: Unknown female lifemate
Personality: Hyperactive and unable to sit / stand still for a longer period of time, therefore handling the more physical aspects of being a leader such as helping with farmland or constructing shelters. Has a more laid-back mindset and balances out his brothers more serious view of things.


The people:

– This tribe is known to be very open and hospitable towards strangers. Upon arrival it is not unusual for them to offer food and beverages so travellers can rest before they continue on their way. Do not be fooled though! Acting violently or destroying the nature around them can get someone pretty fast on their bad side and it was already witnessed a couple of times how troublemakers were chased out of their forest.
– The people living in this tribe are vegetarian. While the tribe has small fields with vegetables and other edible plants, they still venture out into the forest to gather more food items such as berries, roots and sometimes, if the chance arises, even eggs. Having the approval of the god Enlil himself, they never have to worry about not finding enough food in the forest around them.
– Living the way they do and being very close to Enlil, they have a tremendous amount of knowledge about healing plants and health in general. Wanting to share this knowledge to avoid unnecessary suffering in the world, they regularly send out messengers to the other tribes to ask if they have members that would like to learn from them about healing. However, this offer is not exclusively for the other tribes and they welcome everyone with open arms who want to learn from them.
– Due to their extensive knowledge about all sorts of plants, they are very successfull in breeding the most beautiful and astounding beasts of all tribes. They take immense pride in them and are very careful in terms of finding fitting mates. They avoid inbreeding at all costs and keep track of their beasts lineage and only use the healthiest beasts to have healthy offsprings.
– The most common type of beast you can find in this tribe are herbivores. The beasts live on the forest ground and while there were cases of tribe members bonding very closely with their beasts, seeing each other as equals, it is usually more of “pet – master” relationship. From a very young age tribe members are taught how to treat their beasts correctly and that the care for them is not to be treated lightly.

Their habitat:

– They live in a dense forest
– Their tribe is settled:
– On the lowest level, the forest ground, they have their fields and beasts
– Up in the tree you can find the housings of all tribe members connected with bridges, ladders and platforms