Expedition Islands Lore


You always wanted to know more about all the islands you can visit during expeditions? This page will introduce you to the different islands and how they came to be or were discovered.


Tetlcuamiztli Island
The island itself was born when the land of Prehistoria was torn apart by K’Malou. Under the power of the God’s roar, the huge separation was terribly violent, giving the natives the feeling it was the end of the world. When the chaos finally subsided, the few survivors of the cataclysm were stunned and lost. Of their proud civilization, there remained only ruins destroyed by the power of the furious elements.
The survivors of the tragedy now had the difficult task of continuing to live in spite of all that had just happened. And they were so few in number that, little by little, their ancestral knowledge was forgotten. The few buildings that had survived the cataclysm lost their importance and were abandoned to the elements and the jungle. Now, for the descendants of the survivors called “Rahutu” these ancient ruins are considered unsolved mysteries.
The island is home to a number of native species. The undisputed lord and master remains the Ancient Saber, but Terror Birds have also made the island their territory and are also among the Beasts that the Rahutu Clan members can tame.
Other species have been introduced by the Rahutu Clan through their many travels, but they are not considered native.