Godly Children: Donii, Goddess of Healing and Birthing



On this page you can find everything offsprings of Donii, the Goddess of Healing and Birthing, may inherit from her. Since she has no special godly markings or mutations to blend in better with the mortals there are no Special Mutations or Markings she can pass down though.
The following can be passed down from generation to generation as long as it is present in the parents’ geno:
– Mother’s Luck Trait
– Rugged Mane
– Ancient Mane
– Curly Tail


Special Trait: Mother’s Luck

Offsprings of Donii have the chance to inherit her Special Trait “Mother’s Luck”:
When added to your entries, all beasts (themselves included) have a chance to bring back a Lovingly Carved Donii or Crude Steel Statue in any activity.


Donii’s Physical Mutations

All Physicaly Mutations Donii has (Rugged and Ancient Mane, Curly Tail) can be passed down to offspings.



When breeding with her there is also the chance for a random Mutation (Physical, Color or Marking Mutation) to appear.