Godly Children: Ruda, Deity of Children



On this page you can find everything offsprings of Ruda, the Deity of Children, may inherit from them. Since they have no special godly markings or mutations to blend in better with the mortals there are no Special Mutations or Markings they can pass down though.
The following can be passed down from generation to generation as long as it is present in the parents’ geno:
– Special Delivery Trait


Special Trait: Special Delivery

Offsprings of Ruda have the chance to inherit their Special Trait “Special Delivery”:
When added to your entries, all beasts (themselves included) have a chance to find an abandoned cub of any currently released species in any activity.



When breeding with them there is also the chance for offsprings being born with a different species (for example as Saber instead of Terror Bird).