Old Milestones



Old Activity Milestones:

Bone Collector
As you explore the Whispering Forests a faint distressed voice reaches your ears. Unsure of where it came from, you attempt to listen harder. “BONES, I NEED THEM ALL! ONE OF EVERYTHING! BRING THEM TO ME OR IT WILL FIND US BOTH!” the crazed voice is next to you now. A man adorned in nothing but bones and an insane look in his eyes pleads with you. Bring him what he asks for.

Warm in the Cold
In the northern snowy wastes of Prehistoria, a village is starting to freeze. The hunts have been poor for them this year, and they haven’t been able to skin enough warm hides to keep them safe from the winds. Now many people, including the elderly and children, have no way to keep the bitter cold out. Will you help them out?

Lost and Found
You hear the call of a hunter, but he sounds distressed and worried. As you walk closer you realize that he’s calling for his lost companion, Scraps. Perhaps you can find him?

Fish of a different Color
A village fisherman sits alone at the edge of the Donii Lake. His tired face tells you that he hasn’t caught anything all day and reluctantly asks you for a favor. He’ll trade you something he fished up if you help him feed his family.

Deep Sea Omens
A local self acclaimed sea witch foretells a great calamity brewing in the seas off the southern coast. The source she says? The nearby population of Eurypterids, she claims them to be an evil omen. Because of this she wants you to eradicate 10 of them for a reward.

Bartering with Gold
You approach an interesting worg, his ice blue eyes sizing you up while a smile plays on his lips. His blue hued coat offset by the white of his pied markings, yet accented by the packs of goods that he’s wearing. Perhaps you can make a deal with this merchant? If you bring him gold, he’ll let you have an item that’s magic in turn.

Old Event Milestones:

Cocoa Master
As the temperatures drop and the festivities begin, everyone starts to crave a warm, sweet drink. Hot Chocolate would be perfect for such an occasion! Maybe you could help the local food vendor out by bringing some along with a few ingredients.

Cunning Crismun
It’s said that this fox is the right hand of the Snow King, but has been in hiding for a long time. Maybe these strange golden bells could call him forth? It’s worth a try!

Taste Tester
So many sweets can be found during the festival, but none might be as sweet as the iced cookies you can smell baking in a brick oven. Perhaps if you can snag some, someone might give you something special in return for the delicious morsels… or you can eat them yourself!

Snow King Challenge
You’ve braved the challenge of the Snow King five times over. You alone have proven that you’re ready for anything the world might have to throw at you along with making the Snow King proud.

Snow King Feast
Slumbering in a cave would take its toll on anyone. The Snow King is now awake and is VERY hungry. Maybe you could find some of Prehistorias delicacies and bring them to him.

Winter Herbalist
It takes a steady hand to gather plants in pristine condition! If you can bring one of the festival merchants some holiday plants for her festive ornaments and wares, she has agreed to let you have something that’s been following her around since she arrived.

Birds of a Feather
These two love birds somehow got separated during the harsh winter months. Thanks to your efforts, they have been reunited!

Shaggy’s Wingman
Were you his wingman or was it the other way around? At any rate, you learned a couple of things from the expert of love!

Romantic Roses
Many appreciate the love and thought that is put behind the bouquet of frilly flowers. Perhaps that’s why they’re so sought after this time of year.

Funner with Friends
What fun is a festival without your best friends there with you? Go out and enjoy the festivities with them!

A Traders Plea
As you navigate the festival grounds, a trader calls out to you. He thinks you look like an adventuring sort and would like your help procuring some valuable items. He wants 15 Moonstones to turn into a profit, urm… turn into necklaces. He promises to make it worth your while.

Umbru’s Favor
You watch as Umbru sits among the people of Prehistoria, greeting them all one by one. Many are leaving offerings for her at the Star Stones in hopes of gaining her blessing or catching her eye. Maybe you could leave an offering that will help the goddess notice you?

Restoring a Goddess
The great celestial saber looks up at you from her snooze, her glow noticeably dimmer. Umbru’s beast form weakens in the mortal world during this celebration as her precious stardust leaves her realm and falls to the earth. Return a large amount to restore her power and you will forever be welcome at her Star Stones.

Offering to Larkka
Larkka, skulking about her Tar Pits, still has those who revere her and bring her offerings to show gratitude for taking care of the spirits of their loved ones. Perhaps you could show her thanks as well?

Whispering Forest Witch
A mysterious witch in the Whispering Forest has beckoned for you to come closer and help her with a task. She is concocting a special brew but needs some ingredients. Do you dare help?

Patch’s Pumpkin Patch
Patch, in celebration of the years harvest, has welcomed everyone into her prized pumpkin patch. However, she needs a few items to decorate the fields for her guests. Can you bring her what she needs?

Looking for Bob’s Moss
A figure walks out of the dark swamps, causing a fright to everyone. It just happens to be Bob in need of assistance! The lanterns illuminating the swamp have oddly disappeared and he needs more to light the treacherous paths once more… and to search for a certain pile of “live” moss.

Runes of Power
Even though the ominous runes no longer hold power, that makes them the perfect blank slate for other magics. Larkka has agreed to create something special for you of you bring her a substantial amount of these along with something to bind with them.

Bat Catcher
For a small companion friend, you braved the darkness of Arwii’s Caves and brought the tiny creature home with you. That’s a feat in itself!

Happy Birthday!
If your beast completes 3 of the Community Beast Question prompts, you may claim this special, delicious badge! This means that multiple beasts that you own may earn this milestone as long as they are pictured in 3 of the prompts. YUM!

Adventure Awaits!
Adventure is on the horizon and we are excited for the players to usher in the new content coming with the reveal of this tribe! This event is a story quest and a scavenger hunt rolled into one! A milestone will be available to all beasts who complete all 3 parts of this adventure.

History Lesson
Since it will be a one-time event, we are also offering a special Milestone Import Badge for anyone who turns in 50 fragments or more towards uncovering the tablet!