Prehistoria Calendar


The Lore Calendar is basically like every other calendar, showing important dates and weeks! While it is rather empty currently, we will discover more and more special days throughout the year the further we get in our Lore.



Events are special occasions being held every now and then during the year. Each event has their own timespan they start and end, during which you can find special loot while doing basic activities (Hunting, Fishing, Discovery, Foraging)!
Each event has their own special Harmony Prompts and Themes as well! While it is possible to do these all year around, only during the event you will get special loot next to the HP as well.
For an explanation what the different events are about have a look at the bottom of the page! We will explain the lore behind each event there.

The Lore behind each Event

Please take care to submit all your entries (both activities and Harmony Prompts / Themes) to the group while the event is open. We do know it is easy to forget submitting uploaded images if you are in a hurry, which is why we allow one or two images being submitted up to a week after the event ended.
However, uploading a lot of images during the event and spreading the submissions until after the event ended due to our restrictions on daily submissions is not allowed!

Seasons in real-life prehistorian times:
Our games’ seasons have all three months as it makes organisation easier.
However, back in the Prehistorian times, it wasn’t like that! Winter was by far the longest season while Spring, Summer and Fall were shorter than todays’.


Spring is the season of new beginnings. The snow slowly starts to disappear, the first flowers bloom, trees get their leaves back and the sun shines more and more each day.
Important dates:
April 5th until April 30th: Rainy Skies Event

Despite being short, Summer is still the hottest time of the year. Most flowers are in full bloom now and forests and grass are in lush greens.
Heatwaves can still occur too. Beware of the sun!
Important dates:
July 20th until July 24th: Birthday Event
August 10th until August 20th: Shadow of Umbru Event

Forests slowly gain more colors and the trees’ leaves slowly begin to fall. Everyone and everything prepares for the hard months of Winter to have the best chances of survival. First snowfalls are around the corner!
Important dates:
October 15th until November 10th: Bloodmoon Event

The Winter Months are the hardest months of the year. Being the longest season of the year many struggle to survive, and only the fittest will stay alive until Spring.
Important dates:
December 20th until January 31st: Winter Event
February 12th until February 22nd: Valentine Event



The Lore behind each Event:
Shadow of Umbru Event:
For many mortals, nighttime was something terrifying.
Once the sun disappeared over the horizon, the whole world was covered in darkness that the moon couldn’t illuminate.
For many predators, the night was a favorite time to hunt, causing smaller herbivores to hide for protection or to be more cautious.
Few mortals took the time to stop and look at the immensity and beauty of the starry sky.
And seeing this, Umbru was heartbroken. The nights, the moon, and the stars were her greatest pride and it saddened her that her nights could generate all these negative emotions. It wasn’t what she wanted in the first place.
She withdrew to her domain, the Star Stones, and thought for a long time surrounded by Owl, her Trial Guardian. The soft Goddess then had an idea.
For fifty days, her domain was illuminated by the glow of Hasswei’s sun before retreating. As the sun’s presence slowly left her domain, Umbru called the mortals to her to gather for a little celebration.
At first a little intimidated, the mortals’ fears quickly vanished in front of the kindness of the Goddess of the Moon and Stars. She offered them many gifts, many games, and many discussions and danced with them around the bonfires. Umbru wanted to show them the beauty of her nights and not to be afraid of it.
The celebration was a great success and the following year the mortals returned to the same place to feast again with their goddess. This festival was soon named Shadow of Umbru and took place each year at the Star Stones when Hasswei’s sun left the Goddess’ domain.
And then one day, K’Malou left his nothingness to join Prehistoria. Bringing with him dramatic changes, like the sudden change of seasons.
After enduring the Great Winter and the Great Summer, the morale of the survivors was very low when they came to the Star Stones that year. Umbru, moved by their suffering, made everyone comfortable, giving them words of comfort. She promised them that she and the other gods were watching over them. She allowed them to hunt and forage for a while not far from her land so that they could stock up for the winter.
Thus, the Shadow of Umbru event also became a way for mortals to say goodbye to summer and pray that the coming winter would not be too harsh.


Bloodmoon Event:
Like Umbru, Larkka noticed that mortals feared Death. But unlike her sister, the Goddess could understand their feelings.
She herself had been mortal before, she had felt the embrace of death. And though her memories of that former life were now hazy, she remembered the immense terror she had felt before she surrendered to her death.
And it was with this vague knowledge that the Goddess decided to emulate her godly sister.
Sometime after the end of the Shadow of Umbru event, it was Larkka’s turn to call the mortals to her for a celebration. In order not to frighten them, she didn’t invite them to her domain, the Tar Pits and the Boneyards. She invited them to gather at a neutral location where the Great Standing Stones would later be erected.
On the day of the celebrations, a round red moon shone in the sky.
Like Umbru before her, Larkka welcomed the mortals with warmth, offering them food, games, dances, and plenty to talk about.
She taught them not to be afraid of death, that it was a natural thing. Some mortals approached Larkka, asking if their deceased loved ones felt comfortable in her domain. Moved, the Goddess responded to them and saw the mortals paying loving homage to their deceased loved ones, which pleased their spirits who were watching from the Spirit Realm.
Larkka was happy to see the mortals more relaxed and feasting with her without the usual fear of her presence.
Like Umbru’s, the Goddess of Death’s celebration was a great success and the mortals returned to see her the following year. In honor of the red moon that shone in the sky, they called this celebration the Bloodmoon Event.
And year after year, Larkka got to see the ingenuity of mortals in action. It was with amusement that she saw them invent other games to spice up the event. Like creating sweets especially for the event to participate in “Trick or Treats”. Like having fun scaring each other in many ways.
They even invited the Goddess for a role-playing game where mortals had to bring her candies and lots of goodies, or she would “eat them alive”. Larkka had never had so much fun, not even in her mortal puphood.
But after the return of K’Malou, the previously gentle Goddess changed completely and became corrupted by the God of Chaos. With the violence and terror that she and Assur were spreading, mortals began to fear Larkka once again.
The Blood Moon Event was therefore forgotten for countless years, except by a few followers who were also corrupted. But mortals still took the time to have a thought about their deceased loved ones or visit their graves when the blood moon illuminated the night sky.
Things went this way for a long time…until Umbru’s return.


Winter Festival:
After K’Malou’s arrival in the land of Prehistoria, the eternal spring that had been reigning supreme changed drastically. It began with a biting cold that killed many mortals and plants, followed by an unbearable heat that also brought its share of desolation.
Horrified at what happened, Arwii did his best with the little power he had left. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take back what had been done by K’Malou, but he made sure that everyone was prepared for the Winters and Summers to come. Helped in this by his children, Donii and Dettlaff.
It was the latter who realized how terrified the mortals were of the coming cold season. Everyone still had in mind the Great Winter, which had struck down many lives, traumatizing the survivors.
Dettlaff, whose role was now to temper the icy winters, decided to act quickly.
Like Umbru and Larkka before him, the imposing Demigod called the mortals to him at the Great Standing Stones for a small celebration as the floors of Prehistoria were covered with snow.
The hardened warrior welcomed them, inviting them to have fun, sing, dance, and eat. He encouraged them for the coming winter with gifts and survival tips that Assur herself had taught him, so they could survive. All things must come to an end, and this winter will also come to an end, he told them.
Despite the shadow of the Great Winter and its deaths, the mortals managed to relax and spend some time together. The food served was rich and filling, so no one had to suffer from cold and hunger.
This event, called Winter Festival by the mortals, was a great success. And like the previous festivities, the mortals returned next year and the following ones.
And it was with a soft smile that Detlaff realized that he was no longer the only one offering something. The Festival was officially a time for giving gifts to friends and family. Sumptuous feasts were prepared where one could taste dishes never tasted before. And the surrounding trees were decorated with garlands of holly, pine cones, small berries, and fir branches.
And all this merrymaking attracted the attention of a curious character. A Megaloceros whose necklace was tinkling with multiple bells and whose red nose was shining like a small fire. His name was Rudolph. No one knew where he came from and Arwii himself remained silent on the subject, despite his knowing smile. But the presence of the jolly guy quickly made the mortals happy when they realized the gifts left at the foot of the decorated trees the next day.
Even after the departure of the gods and Dettlaff himself, the mortals continued to celebrate the festival, which had become a beloved tradition for them.
Valentine Event:
Everyone in Prehistoria knows the Goddess Umbru, her kindness, and her big heart. Nevertheless, compared to other mothers, she did not possess the same maternal instincts. But she knew how to love deeply. This, her son Shaggy knew.
As a cub, he had missed Umbru’s presence as a mother, but as he grew older and more mature, he saw the situation in a different light. He couldn’t doubt his mother’s love for him, though it was different from what he had seen. And she had her duties as a goddess to fulfill. So he understood.
Nevertheless, as time passed, the flamboyant demigod noticed a kind of regret coming from his mother for not loving him as a true mother should. And as he walked among the mortals, he could hear them whispering about how their mother/son relationship wasn’t normal and how Umbru was neglecting her own flesh and blood…
The injustice of this gossip and his mother’s sadness made Shaggy decide to do something about it.
Like his mother, the demigod has a huge heart capable of loving unconditionally.
So, at the end of winter, as spring timidly peeked through the snowy ground, Shaggy created the Valentine Festival to celebrate Love in all its kinds. Whether it’s romantic love, love between the same genders, love of a parent for a child, love between friends, or sibling love…”All kinds of love are valid” was the message that the flamboyant Saber wanted to convey.
The animation he generated attracted to him a good number of curious mortals, even other Gods themselves like Hasswei and Larkka.
And from that first Valentine’s Event, it just grows into what it is now. What was meant to be a “my mom loves me in her own special way” to “everyone who loves someone is allowed to feel that way.”
Shaggy took great pleasure in giving advice to those who needed guidance and was very inventive so that everyone could have fun and love each other without holding back.
And then, K’Malou was imprisoned, and the Gods disappeared in search of answers to help their corrupted sisters. Like the gods, Shaggy also disappeared without a trace and the mortals missed his presence during the event. So much so that they stopped celebrating out of respect for the flamboyant demigod and his message of unconditional love. The Valentine Event was forgotten in time…
But it was enough for his mother to return to the land of Prehistoria for Shaggy to come back the following spring. And with him, the Valentine Event came back.


Rainy Skies Event:
After the change of seasons brought by the God of Chaos K’Malou, Spring had become a season loved by all in Prehistoria.
Everyone was looking forward to the easing of the temperatures, as well as the return of the rains, announcing the return of life. But also the Rainy Skies Event.
When the Great Winter had struck Prehistoria with its icy bite, many of the Gods were horrified by the carnage that followed. But no one was more heartbroken than the gentle Hathar, God of Rain and Waters.
From his vantage point at Donii Lake, his grief was great to see his element, his precious water, turned to snow. Freezing and killing everything it could touch…
Soon, his sadness was such that tears came to wet his cheeks, quickly turning into streams of water. Flash rains fell on Prehistoria, melting the snow and slowly bringing back the land to its former greenery.
Relieved after months of harsh survival in the freezing cold, the mortals came out of their temporary shelters and cheered the God who, moved, began to cry again. Although less violently.
The Great Summer followed, and the Gods decided to react as quickly as possible to avoid a massacre. If Arwii was unable to remove these new seasons, he made sure that everyone was ready to face them next time. His two children, Donii and Dettlaff, helped him temper the extreme temperatures to make them more livable. Hathar, on the other hand, made sure that everyone had water to survive. Even though sometimes the winter and summer made his task difficult.
But the mortals didn’t forget his selfless act after the Great Winter. The next winter, he saw them gather around Donii Lake, encouraging him to bring the life-giving rain and symbolize the coming spring. The mortals even invented a little game that they enjoyed doing over and over again each time the event took place: The Egg Hunt.
Some eggs were hidden around and they had to find them, bring them back in a basket and whoever brought back the most won. They weren’t normal eggs though. Some were covered in multiple colors and when they were opened, there was a surprise inside. Some were even entirely made of chocolate.
Soon it became a real event and the shores of Donii Lake filled up so that everyone could celebrate in honor of Hathar. The mortals called this event the Rainy Skies Event.
And the event always took place at the end of winter even when Hathar retired to the depths of the Donii Lake after the departure of his beloved Imdir. With the run of time, the very name of the Water God was lost, mortals celebrating him as “The Forgotten God”.
His return, caused by a wave of Corruption that had hit Prehistoria, was greeted with great joy by mortals who celebrated his return even outside the Rainy Skies Event itself.


Birthday Event:
If Arwii hadn’t existed, Prehistoria itself would never have been born.
The earth, the vegetation, the air, the clouds, the moon, the stars, the water, the fire, the sun, the mortals, the death…All this came from him and the ingenuity he had used to use his powers.
Gods and mortals alike were perfectly aware of this fact. And one day, this made them decide to do something to thank their Creator.
They had to proceed with caution and discretion, so as not to attract the curious attention of the God of Life. But everyone prepared something in unison…
Arwii noticed the suddenly strange behavior of his dear creations. When he came to ask them the cause of their agitation, no one gave him concrete answers and took care not to get in his way or draw him away. Even his own children and his beloved Kala ignored him!
After a while of observing this curious process, Arwii’s heart was filled with worry. This concern only grew when one day Kala approached her divine companion to tell him to follow her to the Great Standing Stones.
There, the biggest surprise of his long life awaited him. Not only had almost all his creations gathered there, but they had prepared something behind his back: a birthday party entirely for him and for Prehistoria itself!
All anxiety deserted the broad shoulders of the God of Life, who was deeply moved by such an act of pure love for him and his creativity.
It was one of the most colossal celebrations that Prehistoria had ever experienced in its entire history. Gods and mortals mingle together without any restraint, and all differences are forgotten.
Just as ingenious as their Creator, the mortals also cooked a unique dish never seen before: the birthday cake.
The next year, the following celebration was less imposing, as well as the ones of the following years. But the Birthday Event nevertheless continued to be celebrated in homage to Arwii and Prehistoria as a whole.
However, when Arwii withdrew to his lair and the gods disappeared in search of answers, the event disappeared from memory and was not celebrated again for millennia. It was Umbru, accompanied by her best friend Hasswei who put it back in place after their return to the lands of Prehistoria. And so, the event regained its popularity.