Prehistoria Calendar

The Lore Calendar is basically like every other calendar, showing important dates and weeks! While it is rather empty currently, we will discover more and more special days throughout the year the further we get in our Lore.

Events are special occasions being held every now and then during the year. Each event has their own timespan they start and end, during which you can find special loot while doing basic activities (Hunting, Fishing, Discovery, Foraging)!
Each event has their own special Harmony Prompts and Themes as well! While it is possible to do these all year around, only during the event you will get special loot next to the HP as well.
For an explanation what the different events are about have a look at the bottom of the page! We will explain the lore behind each event there.

The Lore behind each Event

Seasons in real-life prehistorian times:
Our games’ seasons have all three months as it makes organisation easier.
However, back in the Prehistorian times, it wasn’t like that! Winter was by far the longest season while Spring, Summer and Fall were shorter than todays’.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The snow slowly starts to disappear, the first flowers bloom, trees get their leaves back and the sun shines more and more each day.
Important dates:
April 5th: Rainy Skies Event starts!
April 30th: Rainy Skies Event ends!

Despite being short, Summer is still the hottest time of the year. Most flowers are in full bloom now and forests and grass are in lush greens.
Heatwaves can still occur too. Beware of the sun!
Important dates:
July 20th: Birthday Event starts!
July 24th: Birthday Event ends!
August 10th: Shadow of Umbru Event starts!
August 20th: Shadow of Umbru Event ends!

Forests slowly gain more colors and the trees’ leaves slowly begin to fall. Everyone and everything prepares for the hard months of Winter to have the best chances of survival. First snowfalls are around the corner!
Important dates:
October 15th: Bloodmoon Event starts!
November 10th: Bloodmoon Event ends!

The Winter Months are the hardest months of the year. Being the longest season of the year many struggle to survive, and only the fittest will stay alive until Spring.
Important dates:
December 20th: Winter Event starts!
January 31st: Winter Event ends!
February 12th: Valentine Event starts!
February 22nd: Valentine Event ends!


The Lore behind each Event:
Our Lore is currently undergoing some changes!
Therefore you won’t find anything under this part just yet until we released our Lore Patch.