Rahutu Clan


Here you can find details about the Rahutu Clan, their leader and where / how they live. On top of the page you will also find their banner with their primary colors used for paints, etc.




Their leader:

Name: Chief
Species: Human (Homo Sapiens)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Partner: Unknown
Personality: Humorous, goofy and fun loving. Very family oriented, especially towards his nephew Captain, but also a very good leader who is not afraid to take drastic actions if the need arises.


Tribe Structure:

Over the centuries, the Rahutu Clan has risen from the ashes after almost being wiped out after the cataclysm that separated them from the mainland. Although now different from their past civilization, their way of life has allowed them to survive and prosper.
Compared to other clans or tribes where certain roles are inherited through family heritage, the Rahutu all gather together to elect those they deem worthy to lead them into the best future.
The only exception to this rule is the role of Spiritual Healer. As the person who has the most knowledge of healing and close contact with the Spirit World, they plays an important role in the training of their successor.
Once elected to an important role in the Clan, the person retains their rank until they die or are voted out.
Each person who attains one of the highest ranks symbolically renounces their previous life and dedicates their “new” life to serving the clan and its greater good, not their personal gain. In doing so, they renounce the use of their birth name and are henceforth called by their rank. Only relatives or closer peoples may continue to call them by their birth name, but only in private.
But a clan can’t survive without its members and the Rahutu are no exception to this rule. Any member can voice their opinions or advice and every word is listened to and judged by the higher ranks. Every opinion is extremely valuable, especially if it could be important for the survival of the Clan.
And if a high ranking person don’t do their job well, are dangerous for the clan, or if the members of the clan judge that they are no longer suitable for their rank, everyone has the duty to call for another vote, or to kick them out depending of the situation.

Their habitat:

– They live near the ocean on the main continent and the jungle on the Tetlcuamiztli Island
– Their tribe is semi-nomadic:
– There are two main settlements on both the main continent and the Tetlcuamiztli Island near the seashores. The houses are made out of wood
and stand on wooden stilts raising them above the sea water
– Tribe members currently not residing in any of the settlements are out travelling around the world

The people:

– In general the tribe is open towards anyone who wants to set sail or simply trade with them. They love to tell stories from their adventures discovering new islands but are also pretty secretive and don’t share every little detail. For them to share these secrets you will have to build up quite some trust, especially with the Captain and his uncle, the tribe’s leader.
– Living on the seashore and having a large jungle around them on Tetlcuamiztli Island their main food items consisted of fish, fruits and edible plants and roots. Migrating to the main continent they had to adapt their diet a little bit though as a lot of the plants and fruits growing in the jungle cannot be found on the continent. Thanks to trading with locals however they quickly found other items to add to their diet.
– Travelling the ocean there are two important things to guarantee a successfull journey: a calm sea and good wind. Naturally Hathar, God of the Waters and Rain, and Imdir, Goddess of Air and Wind, are the tribe’s favourite gods. Before and after each adventure that leads across the ocean the ask and thank both gods for their protection.
– Unlike the other tribes the Rahutu Clan is rather new to the main continent and lived mostly on the Tetlcuamiztli Island and travelled over the ocean from island to island. While there was some mistrust at first, especially from the Tamasun Tribe, the Clan was able to gain their respect over the years and started their own settlement at the seashore of the main continent. Of course, being sea born as they are they haven’t stopped their adventures across the ocean to this day.
– The relationships between beasts and tribe members in the Rahutu Clan have a wide variety. While some see their beasts as mere travel companions, others see them as friends or even family and will treat them as such. They’re also known to be the first to discover and tame a subspecies of Sabers called “Ancient Sabers”.

Their history:

All the members of the Rahutu Clan are descendants of the ancient civilization that lived before the separation of Prehistoria by the God of Chaos, K’Malou. Because the cataclysm was so powerful, their numbers were drastically reduced. The [text unreadable], Xanmeer the Ancient Saber, Nantli the Terror Bird and Ichtaca the Titanoboa helped the few survivors to recover, to continue to live in spite of what had just happened and also to reform a civilization.
Thus, as the centuries passed, they forgot their ancestral knowledge, but also the mainland and the divine pantheon.
They called their island Tetlcuamiztli.
[text unreadable]
Time passed and the survivors prospered again, though not the same as their former civilization. They gave themselves the name Rahutu Clan.
After living only on the island of Telt for a very long time, they decided to go to sea to broaden their horizons, making them adventurers and sailors. Over the centuries and through their various expeditions, their boat building skills were refined and perfected.
But the [text unreadable] soon warned them about the mainland, telling them that the land was too dangerous because of a chaos entity that lived there and spread corruption.
Taking this advice to heart at first, the mainland was ignored by the Rahutu. But soon, curiosity was strongest and some sailors made an excursion to the mainland. Unfortunately, they received a very hostile reception from the Beasts there and their gestures and peace offerings were met with nothing but aggression. So the Rahutu left as quickly as they had come and decided to ignore the continent.
At least for now.
A decade after this event, the newly appointed Captain and his Saber companion Abyss took the lead of an expedition and traveled back to the mainland. The journey didn’t go smoothly though. Although they didn’t lose a single soul, their ships were damaged by storms.
Fortunately for the Rahutu, luck was on their side. The natives were much more friendly and curious than the last time, thanks to the positive influence of the newly returned gods.
Thus, the Captain and the other Rahutu were able to build a settlement on the mainland, facilitating contact with the natives while inviting some of the more adventurous souls to visit Tetl island.