Seasonal Adventure: Dawn of a New Year


Dawn of a New Year
Seasonal Adventures are a group activity that allows you to participate in unique storylines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beast’s import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of storytelling. You’ll never know what twists might be thrown your way!
This Quest will end March 31th, Midnight EST!


Rewards for full story completion:
– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest,
– 1000-2000 Beads,
– 1-3 Trait Shards,
– 1x Potion of Oblivion,
– the special Milestone Badge shown up on top of the page.
ItemPotionOfOblivionPotion of Oblivion:
A potion used to erase all reached Harmony Ranks of a beast to start over again. This will remove the related traits ”Legendary Resilience (HR3)” and “Natural Selection (HR9)” as well. Already used breeding slots are excluded however, and will stay marked as used in our documents!

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The story begins here:
A new dawn, a new year. The snows are melting and the biting winds are starting to calm as another year draws near. While some are looking to celebrate the arrival of a new year and the slow approach of Spring, there are others who are seeking a more morose approach.
For those looking forward to a new year, they are hoping to achieve something,whether that is a bountiful catch when fishing or to start a family, maybe even find that shoe they had lost last Summer. Farmers are leaving offerings of their last sacks of grain in the hopes of a more bountiful harvest for the next harvest season while others leave behind lucky charms to have a more lucky year.
And for others, they are seeking ways to remember those that they had lost, whether from the bitter chill of this Winter or a hunt gone wrong years prior. Beasts and handlers are travelling to shrines or places that are special to them to leave offerings to those that they had lost. Whether it is to remember them or as a means of a final goodbye.
As the sun sets on this year, ready to rise for a new year, what does your beast do?
Start Quest:
It seems like it was only yesterday that you had woken up to the sun shining and the songs of birds with flowers scattered over the rolling hills, then you blinked and suddenly it was Winter. The years seem to pass by quicker and are as short-lived as a fly. How was it already close to yet another year?
With a new year literally just around the corner, there are many beasts and handlers walking around planning for the future. Families to start, new skills to learn, even those that were just hoping to not fall in nettles like they had done earlier this year and get a rash on their behind. Some, however, were talking about their plans on visiting the resting places of those that had passed away and leaving offerings to remind those lost souls they aren’t forgotten.
It makes your beast stop and wonder what they planned on doing on the eve of a new year.
Depict your beast listening to others for an idea of what they could do for the upcoming new year, whether it is to hope for a better year or to remember someone they had lost, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 1 – Quest 1:
Your beast decides to look for something that would make a good offering for a better year – or maybe they have something in mind already but… can’t remember where they had put it.
Whether it is a lucky charm for good luck in the New Year, or a pouch of Beads for good fortune; show your beast looking for something to offer or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 2:
After finally finding that one thing that would help bring a better new year, your beast starts the long journey to a Shrine or a place of worship to lay down their prized offering.
Depict your beast with their chosen offering heading to a Shrine or a place where they intend on leaving their offering for a better year, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 3:
Your beast has finally reached the Shrine or place of worship and is ready to lay down their offering to wish for a better year; whether it’s for better luck, good fortune, or to have a family.
Depict your beast placing their offering at the shrine or making a wish/prayer for a better year, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 2 – Quest 1:
Your beast likes the idea of going to that one special place, or a shrine others planned on going to, to remember someone they had lost, whether it was the year prior or a decade ago.
Depict your beast looking for something to place as an offering to remember someone, this can be a flower, something their loved one once owned, or something they had planned on giving to them but didn’t have the time to, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 2:
With the offering found, your beast now makes their journey to either a grave, a special place or somewhere that reminds them of their lost loved one.
Depict your beast with their chosen offering walking towards the chosen location, standing in front of it or placing the offering, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 3:
It wouldn’t feel right to your beast to just put something down and leave without saying something. Whether it is to remember the ‘good old days’, whisper a bitter sweet ‘I miss you’ or to let their loved one know that it’s time for them to move on and let go of the past.
Depict your beast talking to themselves, or maybe a ghost they cannot see, with the offering placed at their chosen location, or illustrate this part of the story.

End Quest:
Your beast has made their offerings and feels ready to welcome the coming new year. And whether the sun is rising or setting, your beast looks to the sky with an almost hesitant look. No one knows what will come with the new year; if it will be full of joy and happiness or disaster. But today will come to an end and tomorrow is a new day, a new start.
Whether you start the new year with old friends, or new, there is a wind that passes your beast that holds a promise of something new to be discovered.
Depict your beast looking up at the sky feeling a sense of change coming over them. It can either be a sunset or a sunrise, on their way home or still at the shrine or special place, or illustrate this part of the story.


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