Seasonal Adventure: Gilded Friends


Gilded Friends
Seasonal Adventures are a group activity that allows you to participate in unique storylines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beast’s import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of storytelling. You’ll never know what twists might be thrown your way!
This Quest will end December 31th, Midnight EST!


Rewards for full story completion:
– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest,
– 1000-2000 Beads,
– 1-3 Trait Shards,
– 1x Impy,
– the special Milestone Badge shown up on top of the page.
When drawn alongside your beast, Impy has a chance to bring back any items that catch his eye! This includes traits.
Image: Must show at least 70% of him.
Literature: Must be mentioned frequently.
When multiple beasts have Impy as a companion and if he’s somewhere in the image/literature, one Impy is enough to trigger the bonus.

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The story begins here:
The seasons are changing once again in Prehistoria, but something else is changing…
The green forests are starting to become gilded with gold and red leaves. Birds are migrating to warmer climates and the skies are becoming less clear and sunny. Human tribes are preparing for the coming winter with hunting and gathering parties, baskets and thick clothing are weaved and beasts are preparing for the first snow to fall.
But a usual face that many see during these colder days has suddenly… disappeared.
Impy can usually be spotted rushing around excited for the events that usually occur when the trees turn gold and the temperatures drop, squeaking with excitement. But strangely, they’re nowhere to be found.
Start Quest:
The Impy’s disappearance has had an odd effect on everyone in Prehistoria. You don’t usually find out you miss something until it’s gone and that has certainly come true for the Prehistorians. While most had ignored Impy’s shenanigans at the seasonal change from Summer to Autumn, they now find themselves missing it with Impy’s disappearance.
Kala approaches you and your beast one morning, worry etched on their face. “It isn’t like Impy at all to be gone,” they began to say, “and everyone is really starting to worry about their disappearance… Can you please go find them? Make sure nothing bad has happened?”
You nod, of course. Even you can’t help but feel concerned for the wellbeing of the moss-covered critter. Without their antics and squeaks of joy and excitement, it didn’t really feel as if Autumn was approaching. You could go to Impy’s tree stump that they use as a home, see if Impy just hasn’t gotten out of bed, or you could ask around and see if anyone has seen Impy recently.
Depict your beast speaking with Kala about their concern about Impy or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 1 – Quest 1:
Your beast decides to go to Impy’s Tree Stump where the little critter can always be found no matter the weather or season.
It isn’t easy to mistake Impy’s Tree Stump for any other as the glittering treasures hiding within always helps it to stand out.
Depict your beast travelling to or looking for Impy at his Tree Stump, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 2:
Your beast searches all over the Tree Stump and even looked underneath all of the treasures hidden within to find Impy, but there is no sign of them around.
Worried that the worst may have happened to him, another beast sees you looking for Impy and tells you that they had seen Impy running towards a glade nearby. Maybe they are still there?
Depict your beast talking with the other beast or on their way to the glade, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 2 – Quest 1:
Your beast decides it might be faster to just ask around and see if anyone else had seen Impy since they might not be at the Tree Stump Kala suggested you look for them at.
Depict your beast talking with another beast or following their directions to where they think they saw Impy, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 2:
After searching up and down and left and right for Impy, your beast is starting to get worried. Plenty of others claimed to have seen Impy but they are never where your beast went.
While taking a break after the long run around, Ruda and a gaggle of orphans approach you wondering if you are alright. When you tell them you’re looking for Impy, Ruda tells you they had just seen Impy running towards a glade.
Depict your beast relaxing and talking with Ruda or approaching the glade, or illustrate this part of the story.

End Quest:
You and your beast finally come across a glade; massive in size and stature with dozens… no, hundreds of fireflies floating around the grove. You and your beast push your way through the thickets and bushes towards the centre of the grove where the grass is soft beneath your paws with moss and clover.
Your beast can tell at a glance that this is yet another of Impy’s hiding places; there are treasures and strange sparkly objects poking out of rocks, dangling from branches or stuffed into the hollows of trees. Far more flashier than Impy’s tree stump.
You hear the squeaks first before you see Impy dashing out of hiding… Wait, that isn’t the Impy you remember.
Depict your beast finding Impy within the fantastical grove looking completely different, or illustrate this part of the story.
Keep in mind: Impy cannot look too different; Impy must still have a mask for a face and have a plant-like body. Impy could have a new seasonal look (Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn) or have different plants of flowers growing on their body.


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