Seasonal Adventure: Wisdom of the Old


Wisdom of the Old
Seasonal Adventures are a group activity that allows you to participate in unique story lines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beasts import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of story telling. You’ll never know what twists might be thrown your way!
This Quest will end March 31, Midnight EST!


Rewards for full story completion:
– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest,
– 1000-2000 Beads,
– 1-3 Trait Shards,
– 1x Breeding Pack,
– the special Milestone Badge shown up on top of the page.
The Breeding Pack contains:

4x Stone of Arwii:
Increases Saber and Dire Worg litters by one cub / pup.

2x Ancient Life Rune:
Increases Equus, Ursus and Megaloceros litters by one foal / cub / calf.

1x Arwii’s Fruit:
Used on unused genos to change their gender.

1x Lovingly Carved Donii:
Increases the chances of passing mutations in breedings (only possible if the breeding allows it).

1x Crude Steel Statue:
Increase the chances of passing rare colors and modifiers in breedings (only possible if the breeding allows it).

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The story begins here:
During the Winter Festival, the Old Bear told many stories, both new and old, never getting tired to repeat them to newcomers willing to lend him an ear. But like every year, the Event came to an end sooner rather than later, and with the first sunrays of the rising sun people noticed two bears missing. Lady and her father seemed to have left during the night. Nobody knows where they are now, or where they could be.
It was like they completely disappeared, leaving no tracks behind… but did they really?
Start Quest:
You were unable to forget the stories the Old Bear told during the Winter Festival. Does he know more? More than he already told? And how did he and his daughter disappear this easily? Hoping to find answers to all your questions, you ask your friends to keep their eyes open for any signs of the two bears. And soon enough, your patience was rewarded! Lady and Old Bear are supposed to be in a village nearby, once again telling stories of times long gone.
You don’t hesistate and start on your journey towards them immediatly!
Depict your beast searching for Lady and Old Bear, asking other beasts for help or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 1 – Quest 1:
After a long journey, you arrive in a small village and find what you’re looking for. You recognize the massive form of the Old Bear, humans and beasts alike circled around him. He opens his jaws to speak, but falters as a child jumps on his back. It seems the youngsters have grown restless, and instead of listening to the Old Bear’s stories, they jump on him and climb him like a plaything. Perhaps you can help calm the children?
Depict your beast arriving in the village, calming the children, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 2:
With a bit of effort, you and the Old Bear settle the children down. They listen intently as he begins a new story. This is a story you have heard before, so you settle down, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and soothing voice of the Old Bear. Quite a bit of time passes — about thirty minutes — when you notice that two of the youngsters have gone missing. You quickly look around, but they are nowhere to be seen. Since this is a story you’ve already heard and you don’t want to cause a fuss, you slip away to search for the children.
Depict your beast listening to Old Bear, searching for the missing children, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 3:
You search for what feels like an eternity to find the missing youngsters. For a while, you worry that they are in danger, but you finally find them a far distance away from camp. The youngsters explain that they were bored of stories and wanted to explore the world. The children follow you obediently back to camp, where they endure harsh scolding from their mothers for being disrespectful to the Old Bear and putting themselves in danger. They thank you for finding their children. With the ordeal finally over, you settle back down once more as the Old Bear continues his story.
Depict your beast finding the children, bringing them back to their mothers, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 2 – Quest 1:
You arrive at a small camp to see if the Old Bear is here. As you investigate, you don’t find the Old Bear, but something seems amiss within the camp. Suddenly, Lady bustles over to you. She explains quickly that she is helping a mother give birth, but the birth is not going well. She needs a special herb that grows nearby, but she does not want to leave the mother. She asks if you would be able to go and collect the herb — but quickly! Multiple lives are at stake.
Depict your beast arriving in the village, meeting Lady, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 2:
Following Lady’s instructions, you bound out of camp to search for the herb. As you go, you keep your eyes peeled for how Lady described the herb. Not far from the camp, you come upon some marshlands. The ground becomes dotted with puddles that grow closer together until a lake forms. Closer to the lake, you see the herb! But as you move closer, you realize that a log you spotted earlier is not a log — it is a crocodile. You’d better move quickly before you upset the crocodile!
Depict your beast searching for the herb, fleeing from the crocodile, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 2 – Quest 3:
You manage to collect the herb without getting chomped by the crocodile and race back to camp as fast as you can. Lady takes the herb and quickly rushes it to the mother. You wait outside for an uncomfortable, tense period of time before Lady finally emerges again. This time, her face is soft and relieved. She reports that the mother gave birth safely, and both mother and child are healthy and safe. The tribe rejoices around you, celebrating the safety of the mother, as well as welcoming the new life into their tribe.
Depict your beast picking up the herb, arriving back at the village, or illustrate this part of the story.


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