Shadow of Umbru Lore Event 2021


With this event we want to start a completely new chapter of Lore reworks and invite you to do some Special Event Prompts and Themes and participate in a very special game!


Welcome to our next Lore Event!
As mentioned above we want to introduce a new chapter of Lore reworks today! The first chapter, we call it the “Past Day Lore”, basically contains everything from the “Time before Prehistoria / The Creation of Prehistoria” up until the “Dark Ages” Lore parts which can be found here: Past Day Lore
The new chapter, or as we call it the “Present Day Lore”, will contain everything from Umbru’s return up until Hathar’s return. Everything that came afterwards will not be reworked but written down and added to the offical Lore pages so everything is one place!
As you might notice within the next few months we will not only release reworked Lore, we will also release other parts of the game that are either on hold at the moment or needed a rework as well, such as Boss Battles, Beast of the month, and much more!
Together with this years Shadow of Umbru Event we want to release our reworked set of Spirit Trials! While the concept of the Trials stayed the same we changed some things such as bonuses or tasks that need to be done. We also removed Arwii’s set of Trials as he already has the Trials of Arwii which give a breeding bonus. As we added Trials for every God and Goddess that had no Trials so far we will have a lot more choices for you to pick from though!
More details on what exactly changed, if you can revert past choices of Spirit Trials as you don’t like the bonus anymore, etc can be found in our offical news post: Group News: Start of Event, reworked Spirit Trials / Group News: Start of Event, reworked Spirit Trials
The new Spirit Trials can be found here: Spirit Trials
And their rules and requirements can be found on this page:Trials


Special HP Prompts and Themes:
This year we have two new Special Prompts and Themes for you to draw:
Prompt 1:
Something has your beast’s heart feeling extremely heavy and wants to seek comfort from the stars. Who better to seek such beauty from than the goddess herself?
* Umbru must be at least 50% visible or consistently featured in a literature piece
Prompt 2:
Umbru has seemed to bless the sky this year with a meteor shower! How does your beast react?
Theme 1:
Blue Moon (What is a Blue Moon?)
Theme 2:
As with all Event Special Prompts these (and the old ones on our Harmony Prompt and Themes page of course) will give you event loot next to 10HP for the duration of the Event!
All entries have to be submitted to our Harmony Prompts – Event Harmony Prompts Folder in our dA group to have the loot rolled!


Special Game:
Umbru found that not many mortals stayed up past sunset to view her beautiful night sky. She wanted to find a way to encourage them to look at her hard work. Constellations! Like artwork in the sky, it’d give something for them to look for and stare in awe.
– You may pick one field per week
– The max amount of fields you may pick in total is three (even if we extend the Event!)
– Please give us a letter and a number (e.g A1)
– Comment here to enter with your chosen field: Comment Link
– Admins may enter as only Falbe knows the obtainable prices and where they are!
Possible Prices:
– Event Loot
– Customs of various rarities
– Slots to Primals
– Rare and Exotic Items (no regular activity items though, all of them will have a use!)
– Companions
– Constellations containing something very special