Shadow of Umbru Lore Event 2022


Almost done with our Lore rework! Join us to reveal our latest Goddess’ lore: Assur!


Welcome to this year’s Shadow of Umbru Event!
Only one goddesses reveal Lore is left to be officially released! Finally it’s time for Assur to shine in all her glory. And since she is a warrior at heart, wouldn’t it be perfect timing to release our rework of Boss Battles as well? c;
Boss Battles changed quite a lot, not only are they no longer a group event but a one versus one, we also introduced multiple stages with different difficulties and a few other things!
If you want to know more, simply head over to our Boss Battle page and have a look.


Special HP Prompts and Themes:
Event Special Prompts and Themes found on our Harmony Prompt and Themes page will give you event loot next to 10HP for the duration of the Event!
All entries have to be submitted to our Harmony Prompts – Event Harmony Prompts Folder in our dA group to have the loot rolled!


Special Game:
This time we will have something entirely new: a small quiz to test your knowledge about Prehistoria!
To avoid players seeing the answers from each other, the quiz will be handled through Google Forms. The more correct answers you had, the better will be your prize in the end!
Since we won’t be able to respond to your answers in Google Forms, we have this thread in our Comment Hub over on dA. Here we will tag you, show you how many correct answers you had and tell you what prize you won.
Quiz for Week 1 (CLOSED!)
Quiz for Week 2 (CLOSED!)
– You may enter once for each quiz.
– Please always add your correct deviantArt name so we can comment with your prize in our thread linked above!
Possible Prizes:
– Event Loot
– Slots to Primals
– Rare and Exotic Items (no regular activity items though, all of them will have a use!)
– Companions
– small pieces of Lore