Species Advantage and Disadvantage


On this page you can find out in what activities your beast excels in or has its fair share of troubles!


Every species has their advantages and disadvantages so it is just natural that there are activities they are good and some they are bad in.
Within our world these advantages and disadvantages only affect two (2) regular activities for each species. An advantage gives your beast the chance to find rarer loot while a disadvantage reduces the highest amount of items that can be found from four (4) to three (3).


The Lucky Totem
Not happy about the idea of your favourite beast bringing back less loot in an activity because it has a disadvantage? Well, simply apply a Lucky Totem to your beast and the negative effect of the disadvantage disappears while the advantage stays.
However, Lucky Totems do not work on disadvantages a beast has due to official health issues. By “official” we mean defects, that a beast got when being born and it being officialy marked down in the Health part of the import description. These birth defects can be achieved with inbreeding, more information can be found in our Breeding Guide under “Inbreeding and Penalties”.
Health issues that a beast got from its owner as background story (e.g. broken teeth, limping, missing tail or ears, etc.) do not give a disadvantage, as the Health part in the beasts’ description will still be marked as “Healthy”.
You can purchase a Lucky Totem in the Merchant’s Hut for 1500 Beads, find it when revealing Carefully Wrapped Hide Packages or Sinew Bound Chests, through Impy and Jynxy during activities or you craft the item yourself.


Health: Spinal Deformity and / or Blindness
Disadvantage: All activities
Beasts with these two defects have a hard time to get around. While it might be possible for them to find something eadable or useful, chances are a lot lower compared to healthy beasts.
This disadvantage only applies to beasts which have these defects written in ther import description under Health. Beasts that have health issues due to a background story the player created for them do not count into this category!

(Ancient) Saber
Advantage: Hunting
Being the strong, stealthy predators that they are, sabers are excellent hunters that can ambush prey and take down some of the largest animals in the land.

Disadvantage: Discovery
Although strong predators, these big cats spend most of their free time resting up for their next hunt.

Dire Worg
Advantage: Discovery
With a nose for adventure, dire worgs can sniff out some of the best loot and useful items, often to the benefit of their pack or handlers.

Disadvantage: Foraging
These carnivores are much more interested in hunting a free meal than foraging for berries and plants.

Advantage: Foraging
Being the herbivores they are, Equus naturally have a knack for rooting out the best plants and most plentiful fields.

Disadvantage: Fishing
Even though these horses can be dangerous in their own way, not many can say that they are expert fishers.

Advantage: Fishing
With their long sharp claws and lightning fast reflexes, Ursus are masters when it comes to catching slippery fish.

Disadvantage: Hunting
Although these brutes are huge and full of muscle, why put effort into hunting when there’s food laying on the ground or swimming in the water?

Advantage: Foraging
As natural herbivores these large elks will have no trouble finding something edible between all the plants and bushes.

Disadvantage: Hunting
While they are very large, most of the time they are rather harmless and prefer plants over meat.

Terror Bird
Advantage: Hunting
These large birds are not only big, they are fast as well, better run fast(er)!

Disadvantage: Foraging
Despite being birds neither their beak nor their feet are particularly good in digging out some roots.

Woolly Mammoth
Advantage: Discovery
These giants are used to travel miles upon miles with their herd to find good water and food sources!

Disadvantage: Fishing
While their trunk is useful for many things, it definitely does not help catching slippery fish.