Tamasun Tribe


Here you can find details about the Tamasun Tribe, their leaders and where / how they live. On top of the page you will also find their banner with their primary colors used for paints, etc.




Their leaders:


Name: Ishiss
Species: Human (Denisovan)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Partner: Skinoll
Personality: Hot-headed, easy to anger and quite cold towards strangers. She warms up once she gets to know someone better but is still more the rough love type of person (e.g almost breaking your back by slapping you in a comradely way). If she’s about to explode out of anger, get Skinoll or run for your life.


Name: Skinoll
Species: Human (Homo Neanderthalensis)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Partner: Ishiss
Personality: Stubborn, takes no shit from anyone. Let others only see the strong and fearsome warrior but on the inside she has a very soft heart and loves flowers. Only her lifemate is allowed to see this side of her though and she will deny having this side in front of anybody else until her dying breath.


The people:

– This tribe is probably the most unwelcoming towards visitors. Nobody is allowed to enter their cave before they proved they are capable warriors. Do not expect a warm welcome once you are allowed in though! You will still have to work hard to earn the tribe’s trust and them being willing to share their food and water ressources with you.
– Their diet is heavily influenced by being warriors which means that their main source of nutrition is meat while plant based food is eaten rather rarely. Since their tribe needs quite a lot of meat, more than available in their surroundings, they have a close relationship with the Amu Tribe in regards of trading meat for rare berries, plants and stones.
– One of the favourite gods of the tribe is Dettlaff, the Snow King. Many generations ago the Tamasun Tribe decided to relocate their home but had troubles finding their way through the mountains of Imdir’s Spine. Impressing Dettlaff with their bravery and tenacity he decided to help them, leading them to the cave they live in until today and teaching them how to survive in the harsh mountains.
– Assur is the other favourite god of them. Living by her code of honor they are frightening but respectable warriors: they despise surpise attacks with the enemy’s back turned towards them and will grant even their biggest enemy the right to a fair fight. Despite Assur’s corruption the tribe still holds onto the old Code of Honor, respecting and treasuring it, hoping the world will be able to heal Assur so she can gain back her former glory.
– The majority of beasts seen inside the tribe are battle companions. They are taken in by their humans from a very young age to raise them as the perfect battle partner. Members having a companion like this normally share their home, food and live with them to create a very close bond which results in being able to trust that the other will have your back in fights.

Their habitat:

– They live in the mountains
– Their tribe is settled:
– The housing, usually large tents, are inside a giant cave
– Close to the cave there is also a large arena used for competitions or trials for example