Unity Prompts and Themes


Find all available Unity Prompts and Themes here. This list also contains information on how you can suggest prompts and themes yourself as well!


Suggesting Unity Prompts / Themes
Suggestions for possible new prompts and themes can be posted by everyone. Neither do we have a limit on how many you can post, we are equally as happy about a suggestion with just one theme as well as a suggestion with multiple themes / prompts!
Please try to keep it as PG-13 as possible. While blood is a-okay (it’s a rough time after all!) we will definitely refuse any type of suggestions involving nudity and / or sexual acts and the likes.
A handful of new prompts and themes are normally added after our regular Cycling Hub changes every season. Every player we pick a suggestion from will get a small reward in form of 200 Beads per prompt and 100 Beads per theme.
Suggestions can be submitted through the links found on our Suggestion Box page.


Unity Prompts

A tribe must know how to hunt efficiently together. Depict your beasts overcoming a problem in a hunt.

What’s a fishing trip without friends? Show your beasts relaxing on the beach with tribe members.

As the light dims around your tribes camp/village, drums start to pound. You can feel the rhythm as you and those around you dance to the primal song.

Hardships are a struggle that all tribes must come to face eventually. How does your tribe react to a great tragedy?

Protecting each other is a tribes main responsibility. When another member is in danger, how does the tribe take action to save them?

Time is a cycle that takes all life. Show your tribe in mourning of a lost loved one.

Age leads to wisdom, and wisdom is made to be passed down. Show the elders of the tribe teaching the young ones a thing or two.

The plains have long, rolling hills and tall, reaching grass. Do you and your tribemates play among the open spaces? Or, do you wander curiously among the brush on a great adventure?

Peace is an action. How do you bring peace to your tribe, should it be from another tribe or your own chaos?

The skies are clear tonight, leaving open a wide, naked sky above your camp. Is that a meteor shower you see?

Your tribemates set you out on a dare. How could this possibly go wrong!

One of your tribemates gets into trouble! Do you help them, or do you laugh at them?

Tribes that steal together, stay together. Wait, is that not how that saying goes?

Building a home is a group effort! Show your beasts helping with the construction of your tribes camp or village. (Farms, buildings, etc.)

Someone or something is stealing from your tribes stashes of food at night. How do you deal with the culprit?

Someone in the tribe has suddenly disappeared. What happened and how did the tribe react?

The weather is hot and water has become scarce. How does your tribe manage?

What makes a tribe feast memorable? The antics of another, the delicious food, or something else?

When a tribemate has been overcome with an unknown illness, it’s up to the tribe to find a cure. How do they do it?

A rogue warband has threatened to attack! Show your tribe readying themselves for war.
What truly makes a house a home?

A small hyaenodon pup wanders into your tribes home. You hear the mother calling, but the pup is too scared to flee back to her. What does the tribe do?

One of your favorite spots has been taken over by a ragtag team of misfits! How do you and your tribemates decide to reclaim what is rightfully yours?

Diplomacy with other tribes is vital. Show your tribe discussing treaties, territories, or other important matters with that of another.

One of your tribemates accidentally ingested a poisonous plant.

The winter has been tough this year. Your reserves are low, and supplies are getting tight. Your tribemates are considering doing something… dangerous, in order to make do. What are they up to?

A little rivalry never hurt anyone! Probably. Who’s your biggest rival in the tribe?

Someone has to sit the night watch, but it sure is boring. What is there to do in the dead of night, watching over your tribemates?

It seems someone in your tribe may have angered a spirit! How does your tribe deal with it?

The hot mineral-rich pools of the Tanunga Hot Springs are a great place to kick back and relax. What does your tribe do while they’re there?

Your tribe has taken a pilgrimage to the Caves of Arwii to honor those long passed. Depict your tribe admiring the cave paintings and hand prints that stretch along the cave walls.

Something has terribly upset someone in your tribe. Does your tribe cheer them up or hunt down the one who caused the pain?

What’s that strange noise? Some beasts of your tribe go to investigate and they do NOT find what they bargained for…

Your tribe encounters a dodo that has come to the belief it is a terror bird and is trying to “hunt”. How does your beast react to this… oddity?

A wounded stranger stumbles into your tribe with a panicked look; they tell you someone is chasing them and asks for protection. What does your tribe decide to do?

Don’t you dare to do it!

You discover that a friend/loved one has gone missing! How does your tribe find them? Do they start a search party, or do the members go alone?

A tribe member is expecting, how do they prepare their nest/den? Are other tribe members helping?

NEW: Practise makes perfect! Show your beast doing its first jump over an obstacle.

NEW: Your tribe has just finished hunting, and has a fresh kill.. it has attracted other predators. Draw your tribe defending its kill from others.


Unity Themes

Alpha, Beta, Omega

Ancient Riddles

Band of Thieves


Bucking / Rearing







Failed Hunt

First Meeting / Introduction


Friendly Contest





Honor Your Elders



NEW: Knowledge

Laughing Fits


Nap Time


Old Traditions

On Guard

NEW: Patience

Raise Alarm





Shouting Match

Snowball / Splash Fight

Stocking Supplies



Team Rescue



Tribe Home





Special Unity Prompts / Themes: Events
The following Prompts and Themes can be done any time! However, during the time the event is oficially active they will not only give your tribe 10UP, they will give event loot to all participating beasts as well!
To get these items though you will have to add a tracker to the entry form so our rollers can comment somewhere with your loot.
– Rainy Skies Event

How does your tribe celebrate the return of Spring? Is there a large party or could you not care any less?

Slowly but surely the ice and snow is melting away and the first fresh grass is appearing. Is it time for your tribe to prepare their fields or is there still some time left?

First Flowers


– Birthday Event

How do you celebrate the birthday of your tribes’ oldest members? Like everyone else’s or do they get some special treatment?

Youngsters are always excited for their birthday and the gifts it entails. Show how they act in their excitement, are they running around nonstop or maybe even pester their parents asking when it is time for their gifts?



– Shadow of Umbru Event

How does your tribe see the night? As something completely natural, something beautiful with the star littered sky or maybe even something to be afraid of due to the seemingly neverending darkness?

Does your tribe take on the long path towards Umbru’s Star Stones during her festival or do you prefer to stay at home and create a small altar for her there?


Shooting Stars


– Bloodmoon Event

The nights during this time of the year seem to be even longer and more dangerous than usual. Does your tribe prepare for bad things to happen or are you not afraid of what is lurking in the dark?

The Bloodmoon Event is also the time to mourn those who were lost. Show your tribe paying respect to their deceased loved ones.


Trick or Treat

– Winter Event

Winter is by far the harshest time of the year. How is your tribe dealing with the cold? Is everyone huddling together or do they keep themselves warm otherwise?

This time of the year is also known as the time of family. Does your entire tribe celebrate together or each family individually for themselves? Are there big feasts or only small celebrations?

To the surprise of everyone, a snow figure that was built earlier suddenly comes alive!

Snowed in


Carol singing competition

– Valentines Event

How does courting work in your tribe? Are there certain rituals that have to be followed or is everyone free to take action however they want?

Does your tribe have any Lifemates? Are they treated like everyone else or do they have a special treatment in one or two areas? Are they maybe often asked for love advice from other members that are unsure how to proceed with their loved one?

Your tribe invented a magical love potion. What are its effects?