Tournaments are great opportunities to show the best side of your tribe. Find out what they are, when they are hold, and much more information on this page!


Tournaments and their challenges
Tournaments are hosted by one (1) of our five (5) NPC Tribes. The host will change from tournament to tournament, so be prepared for a variety of challenges, as each tribe has their own traditions and style of living!
They are roughly hold two (2) to three (3) times a year and last four (4) weeks:
– Week one (1) with easy challenges
– Week two (2) with medium challenges
– Week three (3) with hard challenges
– Week four (4) is our “Party Week” in which we celebrate the winners of previous challenges and enjoy meeting other tribes and people
To make it easier to plan ahead for busy tribes all challenges are revealed from day one (1) so you can decide which ones you want to participate in and which not.
Before we start with the different types of challenges, here is a small clarification of terms that we will use in the following part:
– Player: the real person that plays the beasts within the tribe, so basically you
– Tribe member / beast(s): the beast that is part of the tribe
Now to the challenges themselves. Here are the three (3) types we currently have:
– Challenges for the whole tribe: These challenges have to be attempted by all players of a tribe with at least one (1) of their beasts within the tribe.
– Challenges for a group of players: At least two (2) players have to attempt the challenge with at least one (1) of their beasts each.
– Challenges for a single player: Only one (1) player has to attempt this challenge with one (1) of their beasts.
The difficulty for each week adresses how likely it is to fail a challenge. While it is rather rare to fail an easy challenge, it is not uncommon to fail in a hard challenge. Whether or not you fail will be determined by RNG, however, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds:
– The more effort you put into your entry, the smaller the chance to fail
– You can add bonuses like the Honey Glazed Treat or Sack of Kibble
Of course there are prizes as well! What the prizes are exactly for each challenge (both for successfull and failed attempts) will be written beneath the challenge itself and can range from extra UP and bonuses for your tribe to items and companions. The prizes will be given to those who attempted the challenge. If the whole tribe entered the prize will be for the whole tribe, if it was only one person the prize will be for this person.
When submitting an entry, be careful to follow these rules, so your attempt can be rolled!
Basic rules / requirements:
– There cannot be more beast(s) / players be involved than the type of challenge allows
– Beast(s) must be focusing on the challenge.
– Entries must be submitted to the “Tournament Challenges” gallery folder on Deviant Art.
– The entry may not be used for anything else besides Tournament Challenges (you cannot have it rolled as discovery activity for example).
– Each challenge can be done up to three (3) times per tribe (e.g. if one player creates three (3) entries for the single player challenge, no other player of the tribe can attempt this challenge anymore)
Rules / requirements specifically for art:
– The beasts must be recognizable and display all their markings, even minimally.
– Must show at least 70% of your beast (Activity Ranges).
– Special Case Megaloceros: Males of this species loose their antlers during winter season! If your entry is depicted during winter season it is totally fine to leave the antlers away without them counting towards the 70% range.
– Visual works must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, or an equal dimension (exp: 400 x 600).
– Must have at least a semi-complex background (Image complexity).
– Must be colored. Shading is optional.
Rules / requirements specifically for literature:
– Must be at least 1000 words.
– Beast must be mentioned frequently throughout (every 100-200 words).
– If collaborating, each person must write at least 600 words each.


Bonuses for challenges
– Honey Glazed Treat
The bonus these treats give will be a different one for each challenge. What the bonus is exactly will be written below the challenge itself, just like the prizes.
– Sack of Kibble
This bonus is basically the same as the Honey Glazed Treat with one big difference: when applying to your entry you do not know what the bonus will be. It is going to be randomly rolled and applied to the challenge as well as our response, so you know what bonus you ended up with.


Current Tournaments
There is none at the moment! Once there is a tournament planned to be hold we will give an offical announcement with further details.


Past Tournaments
No tournament was hold yet.