Frosted (Uncommon Markings)



Frosted is a marking that adds a soft, lighter colored edge on the beasts’ mane and tail.
While it may color most of it, the original color of the tail or mane should still be visible somewhere! The marking may not cross over onto the neck or buttocks either.
Holes within the covered areas are not allowed! Neither are breaks, it is okay if the marking only covers part of the mane and not the entire length of it for example, but having it shown on both sides and not in the middle is not permissible.
The color of it can be pure white (HEX: #FFFFFF, RGB: rgb(255,255,255)) but slightly off-white colors are okay too as long as it is still recognizable as white, looks natural and is not overly yellow or blue.



Relevant to: –
Value: White
Edge: Soft
Breaks: No
Holes: No
Layering: Designer’s choice
Hides other genes: No

Quick Facts Guide



As a white marking, Frosted may be using pure white (HEX: #FFFFFF, RGB: rgb(255,255,255)) as well as slightly off-white colors as long as they are still recognizable as white, look natural and are not overly yellow or blue.
Please open the link by clicking on the swatch and save the image, as taking colors from screenshots or copy and pasted versions might influence the colors. This often leads us to not being able to find the corresponding color on the swatch and we have to send your design to corrections!



Frosted must have a soft edge.
EdgeIlluSoft1 EdgeIlluSoft2 EdgeIlluSoft3


Design Notes


Combinations with other markings



Maximum Range
Frosted has no distinct maximum range but should not cross from the mane or tail onto the body.
Minimum Range
Frosted has no distinct minimum range, but must be present in a noticeable way on the beast.


Good examples:




Feel free to search for this marking in our CaveSpeaker gallery to get some inspiration or a better grasp of the marking.
However, be careful of old designs as they might be illegal by now due to previous rule changes!
Please do not just copy existing designs either, as those are the property of their designer!