Ice (Color Mutation)



Ice is a color mutation that turns the base coat color of the beast into a light gray with dark blue-ish gray accents on the feet and face. These accents can be added as minimally as you would like, but must be present in some way. The colors themselves cannot be chosen freely and have to be taken from the swatch found under “Colors”! However, it is allowed to create a slight gradient for the base coat from the top to bottom by picking two different colors.
The new base coat color has an influence on markings, which are relevant to the base coat color, as well! Instead of taking the original base coat color (e.g. Earth, Snow or Suntouched Fawn) as a reference, the colors of the markings have to be relevant to the gray picked from the swatch.
Any additional markings that are present in the phenotype are optional and do not have to be added to the design.
(Twilight) Night with Dipped, Siamese, Dun and Spotting with the Ice Mutation



Relevant to: –
Value: –
Edge: –
Breaks: –
Holes: –
Can be white: –
Layering: –
Hides other genes: Yes

Quick Facts Guide



Base coat color
The new base coat color of the beast has to be taken from this swatch. It is allowed to pick two different colors to create a slight gradient from the top to bottom.
Ice Accents
The color for the accents on feet and face have to be taken from this swatch.
Please open the link by clicking on the swatch and save the image, as taking colors from screenshots or copy and pasted versions might influence the colors. This often leads us to not being able to find the corresponding color on the swatch and we have to send your design to corrections!



Ice Accents
The dark blue-ish gray accents have to be blended into the base coat by using soft edges.
EdgeIlluSoft1 EdgeIlluSoft2 EdgeIlluSoft3


Design Notes


Combinations with other markings



Ice Accents
The accents do not have any minimum range and can be shown as little as you want, but must be present on all four (4) legs and face in some way.


Good examples:




Feel free to search for this marking in our CaveSpeaker gallery to get some inspiration or a better grasp of the marking.
However, be careful of old designs as they might be illegal by now due to previous rule changes!
Please do not just copy existing designs either, as those are the property of their designer!