Lytis are very special beasts that can be found anywhere in Prehistoria. How to get them, what they actually are and much more information can be found here!


What are Lytis?
Originally, Lytis were created by K’malou. These creatures were hostile and attacked everyone on sight, until Arwii stepped in and tempered their aggressions.
Despite their hostile temper now gone, they all still have one thing left in common, making them stand out: their looks. There is a fast variety of anomalies that can be seen on them! Some only have a certain marking not following any known rules, while others may look like a walking geode with their coat colors.
Nobody really knows how these anomalies come to be in newer generations of Lytis. What we do know however is, that their anomalies cannot be passed down to potential offspring.
To read more about the creation of Lytis have a look here: The Rise and Fall of K’malou
and here: Dreknar, King of Lytis


How to get a Lyti
Lytis are rare and elusive beasts. But it is not impossible to get your hands on one yourself!
The most common ways to get Lytis are:
– Sales (pre-designed or as Semi-Custom)
– Raffles
– Special Events


Designing your Semi-Custom Lyti
You were able to get a Semi-Custom Lyti but have no idea what you’re allowed to do and what not? Well, you found the right spot then, as all our rules concerning the creation of Lytis can be found here!
Please keep in mind: Lytis can only be created by yourself if you got a Semi-Custom Lyti in some way. You need to have a written proof for it and it has to say it is a Lyti Semi-Custom. You cannot turn normal Semi-Customs into Lytis!
Basic rules:
– The base of your Lyti is the following:
– Rare Custom with up to 4 common, 3 uncommon and 1 rare genes (Misty counts as a rare gene)
– Either a Special or normal Base Coat (up to you)
– Mutations are not allowed unless they are an anomaly
– Max 2 anomalies if you choose Base Coat / Marking / Mutation Anomalies
– If you choose a Themed Anomaly you are not allowed to add another Base Coat / Marking / Mutation Anomaly
– You are not allowed to give your Lyti body parts of another species, except for Physical Mutations (for example, your Equus may not have the brain of a Saber to make it think like a predator. Better try to explain it with behaviour: while Equus are normally prey, this one behaves more like a predator)
– Unless your proof says something different, your Lyti will not have any Lineage
Base Coat Anomalies
This anomaly allows you to give your Lyti a different base coat color. Giving your Lyti a Base Coat Anomaly counts as one anomaly, so you’re free to add either a Marking or Mutation Anomaly!
There are currently two options if choosing this anomaly:
– You can simply pick a color from a different swatch (Darkwood Earth for example, even if your beast has officially a snow base)
– Or you pick a color slightly outside of the given swatch for your Lytis’ official base. Please keep in mind to not change hue and saturation too much. While we are okay with slightly darker / lighter / saturated colors, we will not accept bright blue beasts (some Snow bases do have a blue tinge, so slightly more blue would be okay) or a green colored beast (none of our bases have a green hint, so this color is not allowed in any case) for example


Marking Anomalies
This anomaly allows you to change up to two of your beasts markings. If you give your Lyti only one Marking Anomaly you’re free to add either a Base Coat or Mutation Anomaly. You may give your Lyti two Marking Anomalies as well though to reach your limit of two anomalies!
There are currently two options if choosing this anomaly:
– You choose a marking your Lytis’ species may have and change it in any way you want (make it glow, different color, get outside of the range, and so on). Please be careful to not make the colors to bright / saturated!
– Or you choose a marking your beasts’ species normally cannot have (for example Tabby on an Equus, etc). Once again, you may change the marking however you want but be careful to not make the colors to bright / saturated!
– It does not matter how much you change on the marking (color, glow, size, etc), it will always count as one anomaly!




Mutation Anomalies
This anomaly allows you to add a mutation as anomaly. If you give your Lyti only one Mutation Anomaly you’re free to add either a Base Coat or Marking Anomaly. You may give your Lyti two Mutation Anomalies as well though to reach your limit of two anomalies!
Depending on the type of mutation you chose, there are currently a few options:
– Color / Marking mutations your beasts’ species is
– allowed to have: These are very similar to Base Coat and Marking Anomalies and have the same rules. You can check see above!
– normally not allowed to have: Once again, these are very similar to Base Coat and Marking Anomalies and have the same rules. You can check see above!
– Physical mutations your beasts’ species is
– allowed to have: If adding one of these you need to take care to change the mutation enough to count as anomaly and could not be done with Cosmetic Items! Possible changes: colors (only on Equus though as physical mutations of other species need to have the same color as the base coat), length, and so on
– normally not allowed to have: Simply adding those counts as anomaly


Themed Anomalies
This type of anomaly is probably the most “powerful” one, as you can completely disregard markings, mutations and base coat color:
– Simply choose a certain theme for your Lyti (it has to be one specific theme and cannot be a mix of more themes. For example: Cat as a theme would not work as it’s too unspecific. However, Siamese Cat would be totally fine since it’s one specific type of cat you can easily recreate)
– Design your Lyti so it fits the theme and once you’re done choose markings that could fit or add whichever you like so we have a geno / pheno in the end
– Mutations may only be added if they are relevant to the theme! A Siamese Cat for example may have either a Standard / Sleek or a Sleek / Sleek coat, but it will never have a Long Mane or Tail!
– This anomaly only affects the Base Coat, Markings and Mutations. If you want to change the body type for example (more chubby, thinner, etc) you will need Cosmetic Items to add these changes!





Breeding Lyti
The breeding itself is basically the same for Lytis and normal beasts. However, there are a few things to note regarding the litters if you breed with a Lyti:
– all babies will be normal beasts, the Lyti status cannot be passed down
– Base Coat / Markings / Mutations the species have:
– They are all possible to be passed down to the litter
– However, they all have to follow the standard rules and may not mimic the parents’ anomaly
– Markings / Mutations the species does not have:
– These can not be passed down
– Neither will the babies get an “equivalent” of this mutation (for example Long Tail instead of Wild Tail)


Uploaded Lyti
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