Pied (Rare Markings)



Pied is a marking that adds hard-edged and white colored patches on the beasts’ body.
Those patches can have any size or form but should cover in total at least a third of the design. Neither does the edge have to be a clean line from point A to B, it can be littered with little holes and small spots giving the design a wild and chaotic look. Additionally, the edge may have a equally hard-edged, lighter colored halo surrounding it.
As it is in the nature of this marking, it may have holes within the patches or any amount of breaks between them.
The color of it can be pure white (HEX: #FFFFFF, RGB: rgb(255,255,255)) but slightly off-white colors are okay too as long as it is still recognizable as white, looks natural and is not overly yellow or blue.
This marking was inspired by colorations like sabino, overo or tobiano on horses, feel free to take them as inspiration if you have troubles designing your beast!



Relevant to: –
Value: White
Edge: Hard
Breaks: Yes
Holes: Yes
Fading: No
Layering: Covers
Hides other genes: Yes

Quick Facts Guide



As a white marking, Pied may be using pure white (HEX: #FFFFFF, RGB: rgb(255,255,255)) as well as slightly off-white colors as long as they are still recognizable as white, look natural and are not overly yellow or blue.
Please open the sta.sh link by clicking on the swatch and save the image, as taking colors from screenshots or copy and pasted versions might influence the colors. This often leads us to not being able to find the corresponding color on the swatch and we have to send your design to corrections!



Pied must have a hard edge.
Additionally it is possible to add a slightly lighter colored, equally hard-edged halo around the original edge.


Design Notes

Pied and Merle
If the beast has both Pied and Merle in its phenotype, be careful to not imitate Marbled by accident!
Merle allows for up to three (3) colors as well and if a very dark gray or even black was picked it can, together with an equally patchy Pied, match the Marbled patches.
Pied vs Raindrop
Both Pied and Raindrop can be very similar. However, unlike Pied, Raindrop may not have any breaks and will always be an intact, giant patch on the beasts’ body. Additionally, there is a difference in the holes: while Pied only allows for hard-edged ones, Raindrop requires small, soft or textured-edged holes.


Combinations with other markings



Maximum Range
Pied has no distinct maximum range but should not cover more than 90% of the beast.
Minimum Range
Pied has no distinct minimum range, but must be present in a noticeable way and cover at least 30% of the beast.


Good examples:




Feel free to search for this marking in our CaveSpeaker gallery to get some inspiration or a better grasp of the marking.
However, be careful of old designs as they might be illegal by now due to previous rule changes!
Please do not just copy existing designs either, as those are the property of their designer!