Seasonal Adventure: A Divine Homage


A Divine Homage
Seasonal Adventures are a group activity that allows you to participate in unique storylines, get exotic rewards, and obtain an even more unique badge for your beast’s import. Some stories will differ in paths you can take, the lore included, and other aspects of storytelling. You’ll never know what twists might be thrown your way!
This Quest will end March 31th, Midnight EST!


Rewards for full story completion:
– 1x Overflowing Treasure Chest,
– 1000-2000 Beads,
– 1-3 Trait Shards,
– 1x Ra’d’s Frenzy: Trait Stone,
– 1x Cave Painting BG,
– the special Milestone Badge shown up on top of the page.

Ra’d’s Frenzy: Trait Stone
Has a chance to enrage and triple the loot for all beasts (themselves included) in discovery entries.

Painted Cave BG
Can be used one time to add this background to your beasts’ Import.

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The story begins here:
Thanks to Dreknar and brave mortals, the identity of the Fallen Deity could finally be found, as well as the place where they rested from their last sleep. The news of the mysterious Ra’d, God of Thunder and Emotions, spread throughout Prehistoria like wildfire, helped by the Explorers Esger, Ura, and their Beasts.
The Savage Steppes, usually avoided by everyone because of their inhospitality, were full of curious prehistorians who made the trip to see the grave of the deity for themselves.
Questions remained unanswered, and many wondered why Arwii, proud of his many creations, had kept quiet about Ra’d.
Since there are a lot of different places mentioned in this Seasonal, feel free to have a look at our Places of Interest page to follow them along their way: Places of Interest
Start Quest:
While everyone else was gathering at the Savage Steppes, you followed Dreknar to the Arwii Caves. The Lyti desired an audience with the God of Life, and since you had been with him from the beginning, he had requested your presence at his side. You immediately agreed.
The journey to the Caves was smooth and without any incidents. Quickly, you notice that Arwii isn’t here. But his lifemate, Kala, welcomes you and is ready to answer all your questions.
You tell her about your adventures and things you’ve learned about the Fallen Deity, Ra’d. But, when Dreknar asks Kala why Arwii chose not to mention the deity, the she-bear’s expression turns sad.
She explains that Arwii hasn’t mourned Ra’d’s death and that their mention is still too much pain for him to handle. To the point where he is not able to go to their grave.
But Ra’d needs some recognition and homage from all Prehistoria, and Kala agrees. So, with a new resolution, she decides to do the trip to the Savage Steppes with you, calling with her two children by her side.
Depict your beast traveling to Arwii’s Caves, speaking with Kala, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 1 – Quest 1:
You find the surroundings of the grave in total effervescence when you arrive at the Savage Steppes. Many Prehistorians had made the arduous journey to see Ra’d’s last resting place with their own eyes.
The bustle and excitement made walking to the grave so difficult that Dettlaff had to use his imposing stature and raise his voice so they could get around without too much trouble.
The grave was beautiful, and one could understand that it belonged to a god at a glance. But it was in a great state of decay; time has done it no favors.
Donii and Dettlaff exchanged a quick glance before everyone stood up and clicked their huge paws, which immediately caused everyone to fall silent.
“This grave couldn’t stay like this,” Donii said in her soft, warm voice. It needed to be cleaned and rebuilt to its former beauty. And with teamwork, you can do it quickly.
Depict your beast listening to Dettlaff and Donii, helping clean and rebuild the grave, or illustrate this part of the story.
Path 1 – Quest 2:
It was hard work, but as Donii said, teamwork made all the difference. Even Arwii’s children put in a lot of work. Soon the tomb was cleaned and repaired, glowing with beauty.
Everyone congratulated themselves on a job well done. Joyous cheers pierced the gloomy silence of the Steppes.
But as the mutual joy subsided, everyone looked at the grave with new eyes. It was beautiful now, but someone in the crowd remarked that it was missing something.
Another Prehistorian then proposed to decorate it. With flowers, gems, adornments, or other pretty things. Donii and Dettlaff immediately accepted the idea, and the crowd got to work again.
Depict your beast cheering with the others, decorating the grave, or illustrate this part of the story.

Path 2 – Quest 1:
You observe from afar the surroundings of the grave, which were full of people. You hesitate to approach, a little impressed.
It is at this moment that Kala addresses you. The venerable she-bear had the idea of going to seek offerings to pay homage to Ra’d in another way. Naturally, you immediately accept the proposal.
Your steps lead you quietly to the Hunting Grounds, where you waste no time collecting many fruits and plants that Ra’d loved during their lifetime. Although she didn’t physically give birth to them, Kala spoke of the deity as a mother and was not stingy with trivia about Ra’d.
Like the fact that they had a sweet tooth and loved Golden Apples so much that sometimes Arwii had to hide them from Ra’d’s sight. It makes you laugh. Then with Kala, you rush to collect Golden Apples to serve as an offering.
Depict your beast collecting fruits and plants, seeking Golden Apples, or illustrate this part of the story.
Beware: If you depict your beast foraging your image still has to follow the image rules and won’t count as activity!

Path 2 – Quest 2:
The harvest was plentiful, and you are overjoyed. Kala is also delightful to talk to, and you enjoy chatting with her as you make the return trip to the Savage Steppes.
During the last stage of the journey, the venerable bear decides to stop for a little while to rest her old paws, made painful by all those efforts, and especially to show you something.
Your curiosity is aroused, and you approach the gray bear, who takes out something from one of her bags. It was a large necklace made of a long leather strap attached with multiple metallic trinkets.
After letting you look at the object in all its details, Kala explains that this necklace belonged to Ra’d. And that it was the only thing left of them. When she moved to the place where the deity had lost their life, the she-bear recovered and kept it preciously, waiting for the moment to show it to everyone.
There was then a silence during which you exchanged a complicit look with Kala. The necklace will be a perfect offering.
Depict your beast traveling back with Kala, looking at the necklace, or illustrate this part of the story.

End Quest:
After many days of hard work and exemplary teamwork, the grave was rebuilt, cleaned, and decorated. And the altar was filled to the brim with a variety of offerings.
The time for celebrations had come. Bonfires were lit, yummy dishes were cooked, and many prehistorians showed off their artistic talents to celebrate Ra’d, the Deity of Thunder and Emotions.
The singing, dancing, delicious smells of food, and immense excitement eventually attracted the attention of a distinguished guest: Arwii, the God of Life himself.
At first he was curious as to why so many people had gathered there, but the sight of the grave, the altar and the celebrations changed his expression completely.
Never had such sadness been seen on the God’s face since his return to Prehistoria.
The God went to stand slowly in front of the grave and the altar, observing with shining eyes the colossal work that had been done. Then finally, the emotion was too much for Arwii, and he started to cry, thus beginning the mourning process he needed so badly after all this time.
Suddenly, a thunderclap violently broke the respectful silence that had been established, surprising everyone. Was it a sign of Ra’d?
Depict your beast celebrating, watching Arwii mourn Ra’d, or illustrate this part of the story.


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