Winter Lore Event 2020


Happy Holidays!
The year is coming to an end, and it’s time for Christmas yet again. Let’s celebrate with a small Lore Event and some gifts!


Welcome to our small Winter Lore Event!
As you might see the further down you get on this page, this event is a bit different from the ones we normally have when we reveal new things such as Lore, Gods and Goddesses, and so on.
We will not add to your probably already existing stress due to last-minute purchasing of Christmas gifts by requiring entries to gather items for example. No, this time all you have to do is sit back, relax, collect as many gifts from the Advent Calendar as possible and, if you have the time and passion, do the Special Prompt / Themes for this event.
The new Lore will reveal itself when the right time has come!
Lore is not the only thing being revealed this time though!
May I introduce two new NPCs who appeared in Prehistoria, sharing their stories of long-gone times with everyone interested: Old Bear and his daughter Lady!

A mysterious and imposing Ursus who suddenly appeared alongside Lady.
Laid-back and fatherly, great wisdom seems to emanate from him, as do the years weighing on his shoulders.

A mysterious and fluffy bear who suddenly appeared alongside Old Bear.
Bubbly, motherly, she welcomes everyone with fluffy bear hugs and is willing to help those in need, whatever their species.


As mentioned in the intro above, we have one Special Prompt and two Special Themes specifically for this event.
All three of them can be done anytime, even after the event is over. But keep in mind, only when done during this event, from December 12th, 2020 to January 31st, 2021, they will count for HP and bring back Winter Event loot!
Finished entries can be submitted to our “Event Harmony Prompts” folder on deviantArt.
– A mysterious Old Bear and a younger Ursus called the Lady have been seen wandering Prehistoria recently. Some say they are beings of great power, while others see merely an eccentric old hobo and his helper putting on a show for the little ones. How does your beast react?
– Elder
– Gifts
To see our general Winter Event Special Prompts and Themes go have a look here: Harmony Prompts and Tribe Unity


We did mention gifts, didn’t we? Well, if you want some you found the right spot on this page!
Starting on December 14th we will open one door of our Advent Calendar every two days, revealing what’s behind. All doors will open around the same time: Noon EST / 6 pm CET.
To collect your gift just follow what the descriptions below the different doors tell you to do!

Today our Calendar contains: A LOOTBOX! You can choose between a random Lootbox, containing items from all activities, a Hunting, a Fishing, a Discovery or a Foraging Lootbox.
All Lootboxes will have 5 activity items of at least uncommon rarity with one exotic item guaranteed, one random activity tack and one random activity companion.
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my Lootbox, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A NEW BACKGROUND! Courtesy of Aspi-Galou she drew a beautiful new Import Background featuring the Standing Stones. If you want to know more about them check out our Places of Interest page!
Every player is allowed to claim one Great Standing Stones Background for free. Afterwards, once the door closed again, it will be available in our Merchants Hut for the same price as the other backgrounds.
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my Import BG, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A RANDOM TRAIT STONE! But don’t worry, we will only hand out the good stuff! No Common Traits, only Uncommon and higher. And yes, ALL rare Traits are possible to get, including the Event Traits and the Quest Trait!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my Trait Stone, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A NEW COMPANION! May I introduce our newest addition for our Overflowing Treasure Chest companions: the Will O Wisp! It has a chance to bring back 1 to 2 random event items on top of your roll! Once door 4 is closed we will add it to the Overflowing Treasure Chest and you have a chance to find it when opening one!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my Will O Wisp, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A RANDOM COMPANION! To keep it as fair as possible, we decided to remove some types of companions from the list! Neither Jynx, Impy nor any of the Familiars are added as those all have a 100% drop chance compared to the other companions. Companions you can get through the Merchants Hut and Boss Battle companions are removed as well. Since the Will O Wisp was part of the Calendar we decided to not add it as well. All other companions not included in this list are fair game!
Please follow this link to redeem your gift:

Give me my new friend, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A NEW PART OF OUR LORE! Today on Christmas Eve, the Old Bear finally tells us what happened with K’malou! Get your Hot Cocoa ready, sit back and listen to a tale never heard before in Prehistoria!
Please follow this link to read the new Lore:

Tell me K’malous’ story, please!


Today our Calendar contains: A LYTI! It’s the last day of the small festivies together with Old Bear and Lady before the two continue on their way, when suddenly a well known friend appears: Rudolph! And he’s not alone! Apparently the beautiful doe on his side got lost searching for a new home and was wandering around in the nearby forest. Will you be the one taking her home with you?
This door is a raffle, so only one will get her! We will announce the winner on Dec 27th, Noon EST / 6 pm CET.
Please follow this link to enter the raffle:

I want to give her a home, please!


The Admin Team of Prehistoria-ARPG wishes you all a wonderful time and we hope you can enjoy the Christmas time!
Thank you for another year with us despite all the problems we had and we certainly hope to see you all around in 2021 as well, when we release even more awesome things!