African Wild Dog (Marking Mutation)

African Wild Dog


African Wild Dog is a marking mutation which adds darker and lighter patches anywhere on the beasts’ body. This marking was heavily inspired by Painted Dogs, so feel free to take them as inspiration!
The darker patches are bigger and more prominent while the lighter ones are smaller and always being contained within the darker spots. It is allowed to have a few darker patches without lighter ones inside them, they should be the exception and not the rule though!
The mutation will be on top of all other mutations and most markings besides those that have the same type of “Layering” as African Wild Dog (e.g. Pied or Raindrop).
All markings that are present in the phenotypes are mandatory and have to be added to the design. Be careful that markings belonging to only one (1) of the phenotypes do not cross into the area(s) of the other phenotype!



Relevant to: Base
Value: –
Edge: Hard
Breaks: Yes
Holes: No
Fading: No
Can be white: No
Layering: Covers
Hides other genes: No

Quick Facts Guide



All patches of African Wild Dog are relevant to the base coat color.
The more prominent, larger patches are darker than the base while the smaller patches inside the dark ones must be lighter than the base.



African Wild Dog must have a hard edge.


Design Notes

African Wild Dog vs Merle
While Merle and African Wild Dog are very similar at first glance, there are two (2) main differences:
– African Wild Dog has only two (2) colors compared to Merle’s three (3) colors.
– The lighter patches of African Wild Dog must be inside the larger, darker patches whereas Merle has no rules concerning layering the colors.
African Wild Dog VS Merle


Combinations with other markings



Maximum Range
African Wild Dog has no maximum range.
Minimum Range
African Wild Dog has no distinct minimum range, but must be present in a noticeable way on the beast.


Good examples:




Feel free to search for this marking in our CaveSpeaker gallery to get some inspiration or a better grasp of the marking.
However, be careful of old designs as they might be illegal by now due to previous rule changes!
Please do not just copy existing designs either, as those are the property of their designer!