Harmony Prompts and Themes


Find all available Harmony Prompts and Themes here. This list also contains information on how you can suggest prompts and themes yourself as well!


Suggesting Harmony Prompts / Themes
Suggestions for possible new prompts and themes can be posted by everyone. Neither do we have a limit on how many you can post, we are equally as happy about a suggestion with just one theme as well as a suggestion with multiple themes / prompts!
Please try to keep it as PG-13 as possible. While blood is a-okay (it’s a rough time after all!) we will definitely refuse any type of suggestions involving nudity and / or sexual acts and the likes.
A handful of new prompts and themes are normally added after our regular Cycling Hub changes every season. Every player we pick a suggestion from will get a small reward in form of 200 Beads per prompt and 100 Beads per theme.
Suggestions can be submitted through the links found on our Suggestion Box page.


Regular Harmony Prompts

A glacier is cracking under your feet/paws! What is the outcome or how does your beast react?

Heavy rain passes through your home, drenching everything in its path. Do you embrace the storm or take shelter?

You find a carefully etched runestone in the dirt. What is it for and what do you do with it?

A trophy megaloceros (Irish Elk) crosses your path.

While traveling you come across an abandoned camp. What happened here?

A loud rumble echoes through the plains. As you turn to look, a herd of mammoths stampede toward you.

A cub is seriously ill. Do you put it out of its misery or find a way to heal it.

An unexpected blizzard kicked up on the tundra. How do you survive?

A lost and emaciated beast crosses your path. Do you help?

Your beast sits beside their loved one as they pass to the afterlife. Your beast will never forget those precious moments with them.

Your beast had a bad encounter with a thorn bush, will they rest to heal up or continue on with brave face?

A child lost their toy in a lake. Do you help or ignore the child?

Your beast or a loved one falls into the currents of a raging river.

Your beast has heard tales of a special herb that grows high up on the mountainsides. Do they make the climb?

Your beast has found a herd of mammoth gathering around a deep ditch. One of the calves has fallen in! Do you help the calf or do you get yourself an easy meal?

Your beast became a mother/father for the first time in their life. How do they feel about it?

Your Beast finds out their human wants to become more spiritual. Does your beast help them along this path, or do they believe that it’s a foolish choice?

Gods are becoming a common sight in Prehistoria. How did your beast react to seeing one for the first time?

Is your beast friendly or hostile to mankind? What experience made them this way?

A rogue animal prowls the outskirts of your home. How do you deal with the beast?

How did your beast come to know fire? Was it by human hands, plains fire, or elsewhere?

You have been tasked to bring down a rampaging woolly rhino bull. Do you succeed or fail?

After a rock fall, a cave had been discovered. What do you find in it?

Trek to the nearest waterfall and relax.

Your beast has found itself trapped on an ice floe. How do they get home?

You find a fellow beast or human that has been badly injured. How do you help?

A huge string of beads lays on the ground. Do you find the owner or keep them for yourself?

How did your beasts first time meeting their future lifemate go? Good, bad or maybe just plain awkward?

Your beast hears music from a nearby human village. How do they react to it?

You find yourself caught in the trap of another hunter.

Your beast goes for a relaxing stroll and combs the beach for baubles or other interesting items.

Your beast finds a wild patch of herbs (catnip, garlic, onions, any herb of your choosing). What do they do?

As a young beast, everything is new. How does your beast react to the first time seeing another animal?

What’s a god to a nonbeliever? Does your beast believe or how do they show it?

Your beast experiences snow for the first time.

You’ve come across a Wild and have colored them impressed. Just how exactly did you manage to do that?

Does your beast have siblings ? How are their relationship with your beast?

A local lake has frozen smooth over, the humans seem to be enjoying sliding across, do you attempt to join in the fun?


A Beast sees a Tamed Beast be shown love by their human with belly rubs. Are they jealous or confused? Maybe even angry? Or is it your Beast being pampered by their human?

As a youngster, what did your beast see themselves growing up to be?

NEW: Your beast has fallen in love, do they tell their crush? Did it go well or were they rejected? If so, how do they handle it?

NEW: Who is your beast’s greatest enemy? Depict their first meeting. What happened to make them enemies?


Regular Harmony Themes


Admire From Afar





Battle Scars


Black Magic

Blood Sacrifice

Bone Yard


Brute Force







Collar / Tack















Earth-Shattering Roar



Far From Home


Father’s Footsteps



First Ride











Heavy Rain




Hunting Trophy








Life Lesson


Lost in the Woods

Love Hurts

Love Letters

Lunar Eclipse



Mother’s Love

Muddy Tracks




On the Prowl

Pack Spirit



Pit Trap




Primal Rage







Sharing is Caring


Show Off


Sold / Traded

Spirit Realm

Standing Stones

Tar Pits





Thrill of the Hunt



True Love



Under Control

Upside down

NEW: Venom

War Paint

NEW: White Roses



Special Harmony Prompts / Themes: Gods and Goddesses
Returning Gods and Goddesses are always a big event. The following prompts will ask you to show your beast’s reaction to the comeback of each god.
Currently existing Gods and more information

Arwii finally returned ! Have you been to the Arwii Caves and met the mysterious Guardian, Kala? Did you see Old Bear die and be reborn as Arwii? Were you there for his lifemating ceremony with Kala ? What was your reaction when you heard about all of this?

Umbru finally returned! Were you there at the Starstones and watch her return with your own eyes? Did you just hear it from someone else? Maybe you were intrigued and wanted to see her and went to the Starstones in the hopes of meeting her. Or did you react entirely different?

Larkka finally returned with the help of her most loyal followers. Did you help them summoning her by gathering all the wanted ingredients ? Perhaps you are not a big fan of spooky events and stayed away? What was your reaction after getting to know Larkka returned and immediatly started plotting further plans to plunge the world into darkness?

Assur finally returned thanks to a strange cult. Did you help them summoning her or were you helping Ura and Esger with the strange red tablet? Or were you not present at all and just heard the news? How did you react getting to know Assur is corrupted and wants to spread more chaos and deaths?

Hasswei finally returned! Did you participate in the Valentine Event? Did you collect Sunstones to trade to Esger and Ura? Did you see the God of the Sun and Hunt cross the sky to take back his place in the Sun? How did you react at the news of the God’s return?

Hathar finally returned ! Had you been a victim of the Corruption that plagued Prehistoria? Did you go to the the Rainy Skies Event on the shores of Donii Lake and drank Sacred Water? What was your reaction when you saw Hathar rise from the waters of the lake?

Donii and Ruda finally returned ! Did you see Lady at Inua Lake ? Did you meet the mysterious Terror Bird and their protégés in the Amaguq Desert? Did you help Ruda to find someone to take care of one of their little ones? Did you witness the reunion between Ruda and Donii? How do you feel about these two being back in Prehistoria?

Imdir finally returned ! Were you at the Rainy Skires Festival when strange sightings were noted? Did you see the fish raining from the sky? The strange and beautiful birds? Did you decide to go to Hathar himself for answers or did you make the trip to Imdir’s Spines? What was your reaction when you realized that it was Imdir and that she was officially back?

Ra’d has been rediscovered ! Did you have the courage to enter the Amzi Undergrounds to look for Dreknar? Did you see his cave painting of a “Fallen Deity” killed by K’Malou? Did you help him to find out who this deity was? Were you here to rebuild their grave and pay them an homage ? What was your reaction seeing Arwii finally mourn their death?

Music for Ra’d: After the discovery of Ra’d’s tomb, many villagers and beasts have taken to making instruments that sound like thunder to pay homage to the Deity. Show your beast either making an instrument that sounds like thunder or playing them. (Drums, thunder drums or rain sticks are some examples of such instruments)

Ra’d’s Memorial: To prove that none shall be forgotten, man and beast will always find a way to pay homage to Ra’d in their own way, whether it is within the caves or at a memorial made at home. Depict your beast visiting the memorial and leaving an offering or speaking to the deceased Deity.

Ra’d’s Spirit: Whispers have been going around claiming to have seen a strange figure that disappears in the breeze, always occurring after a storm has passed or when an offering has been made. Depict your beast seeing the ghost of Ra’d after giving an offering or after a storm.


Special Harmony Prompts / Themes: NPCs
Some NPCs left quite an impression to the world of Prehistoria and therefore got their own prompt(s).
Currently existing NPCs and more information

Ever since Magnar (now Naro) has been reclaimed, he’s seemed distant from the masses, ashamed of his turning. Depict your beast showing the primal exactly how they feel about them.


Special Harmony Prompts / Themes: Lyti
A Lyti, or an anomaly, is a special type of beast that has markings that can not usually be passed down save for what is in its original phenotype. These beasts have one or more characteristics that are an enigma to its genotype and the world.
The following prompts are NOT exclusive to Lyti beasts and can be done by any beast. To keep it fair, the Lyti chosen will NOT have the HP count for them unless the artist specifically states so in the work.
Currently existing Lytis and more information

Your beast has run into a Lyti! What do they do or how do they react to such an odd creature?

If your beast IS a Lyti, show how a beast reacts to them, do they show off their unique looks?


Special Harmony Prompts / Themes: Events
The following Prompts and Themes can be done any time! However, during the time the event is officially active they will not only give your beast 10HP, they will give event loot as well!
To get these items though you will have to add a tracker to the entry form so our rollers can comment somewhere with your loot.
– Rainy Skies Event

Spring is in the air! Is your beast jumping for joy or agitated with allergies?

Your beast has been tasked with keeping an eye on terror bird eggs while the birds wrangler is away. Do they keep them warm or do they have other ideas?

The first flash rains of the year is a sign of the presence of the God of Water and Rain in person. Since his comeback, Hathar is always here at the festival dedicated to him. Does your beast go to meet him?

Your beast suddenly discovers an entire field of carrots. Forage them all! Before Mr.Bunbun finds them!

Melting Ice

Bird Songs

Egg Hunt


– Birthday Event

Another year passed. But before starting a brand new one, have you any fond memories of past years? Share them with everyone.

Birthdays are always fun! Show us how you celebrate your great day!

The Birthday Event is an opportunity for Prehistorians and Gods to celebrate Arwii and the hard work he had done creating this entire world. How do you celebrate him?

What are birthdays without a Birthday Cake? Share your secret cake recipe!




Joy and Smile

– Shadow of Umbru Event

You spot a shooting star in the night sky. Make a wish! It might come true!

While walking on this beautiful starry night, you spot a huge shiny form in the distance. It’s Umbru herself! Will your beast go pay respect to the Goddess or walk away?

Something has your beast’s heart feeling extremely heavy and wants to seek comfort from the stars. Who better to seek such beauty from than the goddess herself?
* Umbru must be at least 50% visible or consistently featured in a literature piece

Umbru has seemed to bless the sky this year with a meteor shower! How does your beast react?


Full Moon

Blue Moon


– Bloodmoon Event

Your beast gathers with friends in the middle of the woods at the darkest hour of the night to tell spooky stories. Suddenly, they have the spine chilling sensation of being watched, what if the stories were true?

Your beast lost at the drawing straw and is challenged to enter Larkka’s boneyard. Their mission is simple, find the creepiest and most disgusting skull and wear it, do they take the dare?

Your beast has made the journey to the grave of someone they knew (could be a loved one or somebody else) to honor them.

Your beast accidentaly entered a haunted area. How do they get out of this scary situation?

Ghost of the Past

Curses and Bad Luck

Bloody Pawprints

Spooky Scary Skeletons

– Winter Event

How do you celebrate winter? With friends? With family? Or simply alone?

Since his awakening, The Snow King became a well known figure during the Winter Festival. Challenging you in strength, food, stamina and many other things. Do you participate or watch from afar?

Your beast and another suddenly found themselves under a mistletoe.

Your beast has found a beautiful tree and decides to decorate it (must keep the items prehistoric looking though!).

Your Beast has heard of a rather special wreath with the power to make any wish come true. Are they trying to find this wreath? Or do they think it’s fairy tales?


Snow Games


Hot Chocolate


Songs and Stories


– Valentines Event

Not everyone has a crush or has found love yet! Is your beast envious of all the cute couples or is it an eternal single and proud of it?

It’s the little things in life that can make someone’s day better. Your beast wants to show their friends that they are appreciated.

Your beast invited their crush/lifemate to a romantic date. How did it go?

As the creator of the Valentines Event, Shaggy is always pleased to meet everyone and give advice on the subject of love. Does your beast want to meet him?

Secret Admirer

Love Letters