Badger (Common Markings)



Badger is a marking that adds between one (1) and three (3) stripes following the beasts’ body horizontally (“A stripe that runs from snooter to tooter!”).
While the stripes have no required length, at least one (1) badger stripe must be on the face or following the back. The thickness does not have to be consistent throughout the design; it can change from thick to thin anytime!
If more than one (1) stripe is added, all additional stripes must follow the “main stripe” horizontally along the body. They cannot drastically change their flow to add swirls, for example!
This marking was inspired by the distinct striping on the faces of european badgers, feel free to take them as inspiration if you have troubles designing your beast!



Relevant to: Design
Value: Lighter or Darker
Edge: Hard
Breaks: Yes
Holes: No
Fading: No
Can be white: No
Layering: Designer’s choice
Hides other genes: No

Quick Facts Guide



Badger is relevant to the design and will always be lighter or darker than the picked reference color.
If the design has Free White and it was chosen as a relevant color for Badger, Badger may only have grayscale colors. It cannot be used to add entirely different colors to your beast (e.g. blue-ish white color on a beast with Earth coat color)!



Badger must have a hard edge.


Design Notes

Badger and Garter
If a beast has both Badger and Garter you need to be careful how to place the Badger stripes! As Garter may have a stripe itself, no Badger stripe may be placed inside the Garter blanket. However, it is entirely acceptable to have the Badger stripe placed outside, following the edges of the Garter blanket:


Combinations with other markings



Maximum Range
Badger has no maximum range.
Minimum Range
Badger has no distinct minimum range but must be present in a noticeable way (at least a stripe on the face or down the back) on the beast.


Good examples:




Feel free to search for this marking in our CaveSpeaker gallery to get some inspiration or a better grasp of the marking.
However, be careful of old designs as they might be illegal by now due to previous rule changes!
Please do not just copy existing designs either, as those are the property of their designer!