News 2020/07/02: New month, big changes

Hey everyone!
I have some big news today!
Without further ado, let’s get started:
– Our new website
Prehistoria has finally its own website!
Unfortunately its not completely done yet but due to several reasons we were forced to release it already. That does NOT mean it will stay this way – we will still try to get everything done as soon as possible.
The most important pages are done so far (this includes our Cyclings, the Starting Out pages and some other things)
Transferring all our guides and journals onto the site will mean another thing as well:
Every journal on dA that has its content on the page will be deleted.
Don’t worry, we will NOT delete ANYTHING that was not put onto the page yet! You will be able to find everything you need to know either (still) on dA or already on the website.
Neither will we delete ANY journals having important player comments such as permissions, old Cycling Journals and so on!
We already exchanged links on our dA group page so they send you to the right page instead of the old journal!
Please, even if you are already a longer time in Prehistoria, keep up with the updates we have concerning the website and the informations on the pages themselves as some things / rules were changed / updated!
Of course, if you have any questions your welcome to ask either on our group page, our Discord channel or under this journal!
– The new “Cycling System” and Comment Hubs
So far we always had several journals on dA being our “Cyclings” in which players could redeem their items, sell them, have beasts approved, and much more.
Due to Eclipse we are not able to keep our Cyclings the way they were.
To avoid journals reaching to the moon and back due to their length we decided to put them onto our new website.
As you might have already noticed, during the last week or so something new appeared on our CaveSpeaker Account: Comment Hubs.
You will not be able to comment on our website which is why we decided to create these Hubs having all important comments and links which technically work the same way as our previous Cycling Journals.
Only difference: the Comment Hubs contain the comments of ALL Cyclings and do not have any informations on how things work.
To find these informations you need to have a look at our website. We exchanged the links on our dA group page so they will send you to the right pages!
Here is a direct link to the Cycling Hub on our website: Cycling Hub.
The Comment Hub containing all Cycling comments will be changed every three months, just as our Cycling Journals.
The other Comment Hub containing the permission and Suggestion Box comments will change once a year.
They are OPEN and you can already start commenting on them!
Don’t worry about any comments on the old Cyclings, they were not forgotten! An admin will take care of them as soon as possible.
– Crafting
We are happy to finally announce Crafting is ready to be released!
While 9 items are still waiting for their item art it’s possible to craft anything you want as long as you follow the rules!
Have a look at the Crafting Guide on our website to see how it works and get access to all our Crafting Recipes: Crafting
(p.s I accidentally forgot to add the Special Recipes, you can still find them on dA, will add the recipes to the page within a day or so though!)
As for already created Crafting Trackers:
Please create a new one following our tracker rules (which you can find linked on the page I mentioned above).
Once that is done you can head to our Crafting Cycle, click on “Ranking Up” an under this comment you can link us your old tracker and your new one. An admin will answer, confirm your already gathered skill points and, if possible, give you a new rank if you have enough points!
– New Seasonal Adventure
It’s once again time for a new Seasonal Adventure!
You can find it both on our dA group page or in here!
– Beast of the Month
The attention BotM had over the last few months gets less and less. Which is why we decided to temporarily close this feature and rework it, to hopefully make it more interesting for players again!
Hope you all have a great day!
~ Falbe