News 2020/07/12: Small updates

Hey everyone!
I have a couple smaller news today!
– Special Crafting Recipes
We currently have only TWO (2) Special Crafting Recipes and we do not plan on introducing more of them.
Which is why we decided to merge the Special and the Basic Recipes!
The Machuahuitl is going to be an Apprentice Craft and the Headdress of the Stars a Master Craft! They will be added to the Crafting Guide on our website shortly.
– Website Updates
To make it easier for players to keep track which journals were already moved to the website we decided to create a deviation stating what moved and what is still on dA!
We will update the deviation everytime a new journal moved.
You can find a link on our dA group page and here:
Website Updates
– New Event
It’s almost time for our next event as well: our Birthday Event!
Prehistoria-ARPG will be THREE years old soon!
Starting July 20th you will have a chance to get a Birthday Cake during every activity, no special requirements for the images needed!
~ Falbe