News 2020/08/31: Seasonal / Monthly Changes

Hey everyone!
Once again I have a few news for you!
– Comment Hub Change
Tomorrow, September 1st we will officially close our Summer Comment Hub so if you have anything left you want to redeem/sell/comment with, today’s your last chance!
Of course, as soon as the Summer Hub is cleared we will release the Fall Comment Hub and reopen everything.
– Monthly Bonus Change
Today was the last day for Megaloceros characters to have a chance at getting the Monthly Bonus in activities. September 1st a new cycle will set in and start with Saber characters having a chance at the Monthly Bonus! The bonus itself will change from a chance at Muddy Notes or an Abandoned Foraging Basket to two (2) Trait Shards your beast can get.
– Misc
Concerning our website: I know the progress was really slow / almost non existent the last few weeks and I do apologize! We are still working on everything and try to get everything done asap.
I also bring news concerning our next Sale! We are currently planing for starting the Sale at Monday, October 19th and having it end on Sunday, November 1st around midnight EST. It will be a mixed Sale with both Bead and $ options offering customs, Primal slots and a few auctions!
Don’t forget our Seasonal Adventure as well! September is the last month to participate without having to use a Quest Ticket before it changes to a new Adventure!
~ Falbe