News 2020/10/01: New Seasonal, Updates!

Hello everyone!
Got quite a number of announcements for you today!
– New Seasonal Adventure
First of all: We have a new Seasonal Adventure: Curiosity killed the Cat
I hope you’re ready to find out something new about one of our future gods c;
– New Ursus lines
Starting today we have a second variation of the Ursus lines! If you want to change your Ursus from the old lines to the new ones you can do so for free as long as you do not change anything on the design itself! Basically the same rules we have with the other alternative lines as well.
This will probably be the last alternative version for our lines as the main reason to create them was trying to fix a few anatomical issues.
Here is a direct link to the template: Ursus Template V2
– Import Information Template
Due to players struggling to find the correct breeder sometimes, or being confused who exactly is the breeder in case the geno came from an event we decided to scrap the “Breeder” part from the Info Template.
Instead we will have a “Origins” sections at the very end of the template to show from where the geno comes from, be it a breeding, event or reveal.
Our Template was already changed accordingly: Beast Information Template
And if you want to see a live example of the new template you can have a look here: Kethai 1050
– Birthday Cake
As you might know, by applying a Birthday Cake to an activity you had a chance to either get Hasswei’s Plains or Larkka’s Tar Pits backgrounds. Wanting to include ALL gods and goddesses backgrounds we decided to add Umbru’s Moon and Hathar’s Shores backgrounds as possible drops as well!
Umbru’s Moon will no longer be available in our Merchants Hut and be exclusive to the Birthday Cake just as the other backgrounds.
– Monthly Bonus, Quest
Last but not least, since we have a new month the species benefitting from the Monthly Bonus was changed and we have a new Monthly Quest!
~ Falbe